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    Dirrty D Guest

    Default Ready to get GAME!

    Hey Guys, Im a 26 year old from Cape Town, South africa.Ready to improve my Game.I introduced to PUA by a friend but never really put it in to practice just did the theory and did sum min0r things different. My friend got hooked and got his ass on lock my his gf so didnt have someone to mac with.

    Ok so I need help with my game I was always abit m0re confident then some guys when it comes to my club game but only get as far as dancing with the girl or n0w and then a phone number close.I've been told many times Im slow to seal the deal even though i got so far.

    So the work I do Im on the m0st of the day so I see lots of receptionist, bank tellers etc which i see several times a week so how can i use this to improve my game and use it to my advantage?

    In recent m0nths two girls i was busy trying to get got engaged i was to slow and didnt see opportunities they gave me get with them and recently a girl i made out a few times with got with my friend (that was a sucky feeling!) coz i didnt know how to create attraction so that i could take it to next level. So i need some help don't want the same bull happening to me over and over.

    Thank you

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    Default Re: Ready to get GAME!

    I'm an international exchange student from The Netherlands studying here for 4 months.
    21 years old, 2 years active in pick-up
    Looking for a wing(wo)man for daygame and nightgame
    Taking action and positive
    That's it, whatsapp or PM me
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