So, I've got this chick on a hook, but I'm having some trouble getting her into the relationship mindset.

We've both stated we're interested in the other person, but want to take it slow and figure out if we're headed towards a relationship, or just a few nights in the sack. She knows my reputation with women, and is hesitant moving forward because of it- but still is into me enough to keep going out with me.

I suck at 'slow', so I'm considering enlisting her help in killing off a few of my less interesting prospects, to let her know I've got a lot of other options at the moment while appearing to be making her seem like the one I'm choosing.

I've pulled it once before on a chick in the past, with insanely awesome results. (Not only did it help close her, but the rumors that spread through my workplace because of her talking about it- and essentially pimping me out, lol)

I'm just wondering if you have an idea as to how well this might work here, if at all. She's had a few bad relationships, some trust issues with guys- and Idk if this'll kill the chance I've got, or just make it awesome.