So I met this girl a few weeks ago when I was in between jobs. We hit it off really well. I used push pull and I worked like a charm. She ended up asking or my.number at the end of the night. Later that night we met up at her girlfriends place and got to know each other pretty well, we closed the night with a hot and heavy makeout sesh, nothing more. We texted off and on all week. Went out on a date the following saturday. It went well I think I had her laughing did plenty of kino and at the end of the night had another pretty hot makeout session, this time we did a little extra although she stated that I definitely wouldn't be getting any that night. She send me some naked pictures of herself that night too. After that night I noticed that she started to distance urself a little bit through out the week, I didnt bring up the pics or anything about sex between us and we would text off and on through out the week, but not as much. I didnt get to see or really talk to her over this past weekend because I was out of town. Since then I have tried to text her a couple times, one of them asking if she was busy this Friday night. She has not replyed back at all! Did I screw this up? Can I salvage this? Is there a way to get her to respond so I can get a second date?

Eli G