Hi all,

(note this girl is from another country and is here studying)

Met this girl at club way back in February in a club. we talked and exchanged numbers Nothing happening straight away we texted a few times nothing serious. Then during the Easter holidays we meant for a drink twice and she went away to oxford. when she came back we went for a walk in park and i went to kiss her but at first she pulled away and said "did you try to kiss me" in which I responded yeah. After a few minutes of awkwardness she started kissing me. after that we had quiet a bit of meeting at her apartment to watching films and going for dinner. about three times i had her top off in her apartment but nothing followed through.
a few week after that we had exams for uni and im in my final year so i was concentrating on them. her exams fell after mines ( my final one was on the monday and her was on the wednesday) so since it was her last exam on wednesday i thought id let her spend with her friends. we spoke through the day by text but at the around 10pm on the wednesday i got a phone call from her asking me if i was mad at her ( because we hadnt seen each other for 9days or something and the last time i saw her she said she was an independent type of girl and gave the impression that she wasnt looking for an relationship) but i reassured her that i wasnt mad at her and said id come up and see her at that moment. when i got to her apartment we sat on the bed holding each other and we started kissing and one thing led to another but she stop me and said " i know you want to just fark me". I was like well you kinda giving the signs that you want to (I said in my head). From there i got the idea that she isnt going to put out so i decided to take it slow. i stay at her till 3am that night.

The following day we went to the park with my friends. she enjoyed herself and stop me several times on the way to car to kiss me and jump me in the car. A few days after that we went to the safari park together and spent the day there which was fun. The following day after the safari park she was leaving to stay with a friend in a different city since her lease was up in the current apartment and she was also going to a music festival in that city aswell. so went over and spent a few hours with her and gave her a going away gift (a penguin teddy).

While she was away we spoke to each other on the phone, text messages and facebook. On the first day of the festival she phone me ( she was drunk). she way telling me she want to come back here and i should pick her and that she hated camping. I tryed to clam her down and stuff. After that she was fine and i said id drop her off at the airport for her.

Drop her off at the airport and everything went fine there and we spoke as much as we could over the summer.

The night before she came back ( i was picking her and her friends up from the airport the next day) She was saying she couldnt wait to see me. i pick them up and dropped her friends off in the city centre and we both went to her new apartment. there was no kissing or anything here as i didnt want to jump straight in but now i regret that. she held my hand and cuddle up to me but there wasnt any kind of IOI that she want to kiss me ( she usually would just go for the kiss). we went shopping for groceries and stuff and her flat mate came back and i left shortly after that. (now that i think about i should have kissed her)

That was all last sunday and we've have spoke a few times through the week but she said she had things to sort out like furniture, bank stuff and other things and see her friends.

Now the problem is i dunno where i stand at the moment now that she back. should i give her time to settle in and sort everything out before ask her out?



Ps this my first post so sorry if it doesnt make sense. just ask me if you need anything cleared up