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    Default Did I mess this up (with co-worker)

    Hey guys I absolutely love this forum. What an amazing resource. I need some help

    I was on a job site (event planning), with this co-worker (it was only me and her). A really cute girl. We've been having this 'duel' in banter for over a week since I started and from what I can tell I've been winning most if not all =).

    Anyway, on the job site, I saw this girl from my old high school. Funny part was I've NEVER spoken to her before. And Oh mah god. what a conversation we had. It was fun/flirty and best of all, my co-worker was there to hear all of it! I #closed the old highschool aquaintance right infront of my co-worker! ('girl' from now on)

    girl: Goodjob! (smiling and borderline laughing, she couldn't believe what just happened)
    Me: I honestly felt bad not taking her number

    Anyway after that we met up with a couple of co-workers and went for lunch. At one point she mentioned the pickup to them.

    girl: "He got a girl's phone number today, but she waited for him to leave and then she felt awkward"
    Me: *I make a facial gesture here*
    girl: "you always do that, you give this look like you don't give a fuck"
    Me: "It's cause I don't." (I wanted to dismiss her negativity, no need to prove anything to her or anyone at that table)

    Anyway this girl is now looking at me more. Smiling at me more. And by the end of the day, She had told me something personal how she's fighting with her mom. I told her that I've been through a similar situation.

    Me: *hand her my phone* If you want, add in your number and if you need to talk about your situation, I might be able to help you.
    Girl: *pause* You can take it from 'john' (best friend who introduced me to this job - she knows he's really into her).
    Me: "why?"
    Girl: "just take it from him *holds on to the phone for about a minute before passing it back to me*

    I'm actually laughing now. The pickup that I did infront of her was to get a 'jealousy' reaction from her. And i got that BIG TIME. But it came back and bit me in the ass :P. She still smiling at me though. Checking back to see how I look and what I'm doing and shit like that. So I really don't know wtf to do.

    How do I proceed?

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    Default Re: Did I mess this up (with co-worker)

    well just keep being flirty. tease her dont act like anything is different. it also depends on if you want to have fun with her or just date. she might think you are a player
    im on a different level

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    Default Re: Did I mess this up (with co-worker)

    This is just my opinion so feel free to be skeptical. But I think you messed up when you said you didn't give a fark. Women pay attention to that stuff. She may have thought "Is this how he is gonna talk about me if I give him my number?"

    I find it better to be humble than to act like you're the sh1t. Such as "She seems like a nice girl so I got her number. Not sure if anything could come from it, but who knows." Now she has an idea how you would talk behind her back if she gave you her number. Instead of saying you basically get numbers from girls you don't give a fuck about. That definitely has "player" written all over it.
    "All things are subject to interpretation. Whichever interpretation prevails at a given time is a function of power and not truth."

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