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    Exclamation Tricky Girl - I'm New - PLEASE HELP!

    Hey, guys!

    Alright, so let me start off by getting the basic info out there before I go into the details.

    First, this is going to be a very long post and will require a couple minutes of reading, but I would REALLY appreciate the tips all you masters can give me.

    Second, I am only 18. I am still in high school. I am NOT asking how to get into this girl's pants and I am not asking just how to get her number (I've already accomplished that). I am asking HOW to get her interested in me, how to get her to want me, and how to get her to pay more attention to my existence.

    Third, I am looking for a serious relationship with this girl. I've never had a girlfriend, but I have obtained plenty of phone numbers and have actually turned down two girls in the last week in order to continue to pursue the girl I truly like.

    Fourth, I do not want to constantly manipulate her. I understand that some manipulation must take place in order to "win the game" due to all of the competition, and I'm willing to take that risk. But, after I get her to like me, I no longer want to manipulate her through different techniques. I am only willing to use the pick-up techniques to GET HER, not keep her.

    Okay, now, I will go into my situation...

    There is this girl, she is a junior in high school (as am I), and she is absolutely gorgeous. Her name is Brit. She's a girl that I would think is "out of my league", even though I won't accept it. She is not popular at all, she is shy around new people, but she is very talkative around her very good friends.

    She recently broke up with her douche bag of a boyfriend of four months. She is still a virgin (I found out from one of her friends -- I'm also still a virgin). She has 5 close friends, 3 of which I am also quite good friends with and talk to a lot.

    Now, here's my problem: I've known one of her good friends, Levi, for about 13 years. I have been talking to Levi about her for about 5 months (ever since I began to like her). I've also mentioned to a number of my other friends how I'm crushing on this girl. Somehow, through the grapevine, she has found out that I like her. I have no idea how long she has known this. Last year, I hardly talked to her. I pussed out at the end of the school year and failed to close on her number. But, recently (like 4 days ago), I finally asked for it and got it. She didn't seem to hesitate or feel uncomfortable when I asked, so that's a plus.

    Now, here's where things get weird...

    Brit's very good guy-friend told me that she thinks I'm extremely attractive (a very good thing for me, obviously). Levi also told me he thinks I have a good chance with her. But, when I have tried to talk to her, she doesn't seem very interested. It's always a quick, awkward chat and it's done.

    On the first day of school (last Weds), she told me, "Jeff! I'm so happy to see you again! You're hair is beautiful -- It's gorgeous! What do you do to it?" I replied jokingly, "It's a long process. Don't shower for about two weeks, wet it down and blowdry." She laughed. I thought I was off to a good start with her.

    Ever since she broke up with her boyfriend, I've hardly spoken face-to-face with her. I've only texted her, and her texts take forever (you know, it takes her 15 minutes to reply and the text is very short), and the conversation always ends with her not responding, then, it's just over.

    I talked to her when I was making my lunch for the next day. She said (over text), "So what's up?". I replied, "Just making a sandwich, haha, roast beef! Yumm." And she said, "Mmm, you should make one for me ". Of course, I said, "Yeah, sure! What do ya want?" And the conversation went from there. Of course we were just joking around. The next day, when English got out, I said very loudly (she was walking ahead of me), "Hey! You still wanna take me up on that sandwich?" I said it pretty loudly. She just kept walking, and it was like a slap to the face. I know she heard me, yet she just blew me off.

    So, I have devised what I think are the proper tactics in order to make her envious of me, and actually want me:

    1.) I'm going to play "hard to get". I'll admit, I'm not nervous to talk to girls I don't have a thing for, even if they're smokin' hot. In both of the classes I have with Brit, I sit next to gorgeous girls that are both really cool and easy to talk to. I am going to start blowing off Brit (not looking at her, not making an effort to talk to her), and only talk to these beautiful chicas.

    The idea here is this: she knows that I do/did once have a crush on her. Even if she hates my guts for some reason, it makes her happy to know that I like her. She thinks of me as her property, and I add to her confidence because I'm just one more guy that's on the list. When she sees me starting to talk to other girls that Brit, most likely thinks are prettier than her (because all girls are incredibly insecure about their appearance), she will (hopefully) think, "Why is Jeff talking to them? I thought he liked me! Why the hell isn't he talking to me? I guess he's got other things going for him... I didn't know that. Hmm..."

    I am also not going to text her anymore. I am going to only text if she asks me to text her or if she texts first. Today, she took forever to reply to my, "Hey! What are you up to?". She said she was at a movie, so I simply acted like a didn't care and said, "Oh, okay. Enjoy the movie!", and then I stopped texting her.

    I can't act clingy, I can't act overly attracted to her, and I sure as hell can't be nervous and awkward around her. I NEED to make her realize that if she doesn't like me, I don't care because I can go pick up another chick. My goal is to make her want to initiate the conversations, not me.

    2.) Win over her friends. I want to make her friends talk about me, like, "Jeff is so funny!", and "Jeff told me this... that's hilarious!". I have already become quite close with 3 of her 5 close friends. I will accomplish by talking to them in front of Brit, but not talking as much to Brit. Hopefully that will slightly piss her off. Slightly!

    3.) Prepare my polite negs ahead of time. The goal, obviously, is to make her self-confidence plummet around me, and only me. If she feels insecure around me, she will start to like me.

    I'm tired of typing, now! Do you guys have ANY suggestions? Am I doing something wrong, what are your thoughts? I'd seriously appreciate really any thoughts... I've only been reading about PUAs for about a week now... But I closed 4 numbers at the mall today

    Thanks so much guys!!! [/i]

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    Default Re: Tricky Girl - I'm New - PLEASE HELP!

    My advice...don't be into getting into a serious relationship or finding a soul mate so young. You need to gain experience and girls that young rarely want serious relationships.

    Turning down the other girls was not wise. Do not be stuck on one girl, it is a turn off. Be willing to casually date more than one girl, gain experience. Set up dates with the ones you turned down. Gain experience...guys always think they are good at sex, yet women totally disagree.

    Do not try to lower her self confidence to try to get her to like you. Raise your self-confidence to make her interesting, to do that is by gaining more experience in dating, going out, etc. That will lead you to being more interesting.

    Think abundance not fixation.

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