I need some advice


I met this girl at work and didn't want to date her while she worked with me. So I waited until her internship was up to ask her out. We went out a couple of times and had a great time. Soo before she heads back to college she tells me that she likes me but doesn't want to date me, but that may change in the future. Her excuse was she was entering master level classes and we are too far apart (4 hour drive)

Anyways I continued to text her after she went back to school and even went and saw her on labor day weekend. After reading these forums I realize I have made mistakes (IE always answering her texts right away and telling her my feelings) So she has drunk texted/called me twice since getting back to college (this is a red flag for me but willing to overlook cuase I match up soo well with her)and has continued to maintain we are not dating and she doesn't care who I see. I know she has feelings for me but don't know if I should continue the banter or should I just put her on ice. I am not interested in a friendship with her only a bf type of relationship. Any advice would be greatly appreciated...