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    Default Awesome night that turned into a possibly terrible night...please help!

    Ya I'm a little drunk but I'm in a VERY strange position right now and I could SERIOUSLY use some of you guys opinions/advice's a good friends 21st bday so were hosting a pregame. The girl whose birthday it is invites 6 girls over so it's me, my other 5 AFC roommates, and 7 girls. To be honest I wasn't in the best state at the beginning of the night but once we started taking shots I became the "life" of the party and the girls were really into me...and one in particular, HB8 easily

    I worked EVERY piece of game I know on her and the farking stuff worked!! I opened with the "your nose totally wiggles when you laught...there it goes again" and she literally could not stop laughing/being self concious...ANYWAYS, I got her alone in my room, I did the mystery kiss close and starting making out with her...she told me she was really horny and I fingered her but then we both mutually felt guilty for not being with the birthday girl (it was 11:50 PM and her bday was at 12, which is when we were gonna leave for the bars)...

    So, I go down back to the buddies ask me what happened (like little girls on christmas haha) and I tell em and then we go back to drinking and partying before we head out...

    MY DILEMMA!!!: I head out with my buddies and the birthday girl then the HB8's best friend comes up to me and says, "wait, where is HB8"..I said, "No idea I thought she was with you??"

    I really hope you guys are still reading at this point buttt...I'm pretty sure the HB8 was hella sick from all the drinking and probs throwing up in my bathroom but the HB8's best friend wouldn't tell me where she was...

    WHAT DO I DO?? I'm so into this girl but I feel like any "ground work" I put in this night was just successful because the girl was drunk...I will say this however, she told her friends that she thought I was "hott" before we even met so I'm hoping that changes the outcome...

    What should my next steps be?? I'm thinkin about waiting to see if she friends me on facebook or something then maybe she'll apologize for being lame LOL

    I really don't wanna FARK this up so please let me know what you guys would do...

    "She'll forgive you for being a man...but she WON'T forgive you for being a p*ssy"

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    Default Re: Awesome night that turned into a possibly terrible night...please help!

    give it 3 days to a week around there some where. if they dont contact you, you have to start asking a few questions to see if you cant find her on FB or ask your friend if you could set up a date with you and her just dont act to needy for the date or number or anything
    im on a different level

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