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    Default Problems transitioning to conversation

    So I've started approaching and opening more. One of my wings suggested we do a thing where if he spots a set, I have to open it, and when I spot one he has to open. It worked out kinda well in pushing me to open (I've only been out a few times).

    So after I open I seem to be getting like 30s-1min convos, and then they turn back to their friend or whatever. I'm kind of having trouble keeping a conversation going whenever they aren't saying a whole lot.

    One two set one of my wings opened (and bounced)and it was going pretty well, until I tried to include her friend in the convo. She didn't really respond at all and the conversation kind of fizzled out at that point.

    The transition I've been using is "how do you guys know each other?" and rolling from there.

    I'm having a tough time when I'm the one that's doing most of the talking. Any suggestions?

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    Default Re: Problems transitioning to conversation

    firstly, start by reading lots of field reports on these forums.. they help a LOT..
    secondly, (btw nice game you do with your friends :P, i play it with my m8s as well hehe)
    after the opener,
    try making an immediate 'false time constraint' like : "I can only stay for a minute, but.." and use body rocking to create the impression that you are really about to leave..
    now you need to make her attracted to you.. so DHV (humor, esp routine, or a small magic trick [dw if it fails, it can get her to laugh anyways])

    that way you are the one leading the conversation to where you want and not just ' fluff '..
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