I met this girl in my college class. so far i was a cool guy, just socialized with her. she talks a lot, thats good. we have 2 classes in common, i only saw her 3 times in total. no there was no attraction routines (no teasing/pushpull/bantering). so, what can i do to get this girl out on a date? i plan to ask her tomorrow to have lunch with me, and then maybe on friday to go to an exciting place with me. how does that sound?

i kinoed her 2x, (tapped on her shoulder 1st day, gently touch her arm like social kino the 2nd day). what else do i need to do in terms of kino?

how and when do i express my interest to her, given that she is in my class and i dont think she won't be interested in me. i dont want to play the social circle alpha man game.

any help would be appreciated.

Day 2:

Ok, so we were hanging out for 1.5 hours, and I asked her questions about her life, her family, and she was telling them to me one by one. She talks a lot, so she basically qualifies herself. I patted on her back a few times, and then made a serious mistake!!! I touched her face with my index finger, and asked her whappened there, which to me felt like it was a dark spot or something. She was like yah, its a dark spot. After that I switched back to normal conversation and then we talked a few minutes and then I went back to my class, and before I went to my class, I gave her a lose hug. Did I do too much kino on this girl?

A little info about her: she is an average girl, raised in the suburbs/country side. She isnt the jumpy type, or like how other girls are always wanting to go crazy.

Any new thoughts? How were my kino? What should I do next?