Would like to get perspective from others on this one:

I'm 28 in grad school, pretty good looking, slowly developing the most natural PUA-oriented style I can.

Last Friday: number-close on an 8.75 with her two 5 and 9.5 girlfriends. Easy, good vibes. Well played.

Later that night: see the girls walk into another bar that I've moved to. "What are you girls stalking me?" Good banter, get more personal. Leave her wanting more, b/c I have to get back to my friends.

Call Sunday evening, no pickup. Text, right after: "Hey __, it's __ from Friday. How was the rest of your wknd? Btw, my friends thought it was hilarious that we blah/blah...." No response.

Monday night (whatever, doesn't hurt last shot) text: "Oh, see now you're gonna hurt my feelings! Or did you just get shy on me over the weekend? "

Hour later, she responds: "Hey __! Sorry, I shouldn't have given you my number, I just got out of a relationship and wasn't thinking. Maybe I'll see you out sometime!"

Me: "Ah.. Thx for saying so. Sorry to hear.. just getting back out there myself. [NOT TRUE] It's really weird sometimes... Yes, hopefully see u around sometimes. I have an idea ___ (and it's gazillion beers on tap) is gonna become quite a haunt "

Response: "It does get weird. But you are totally right about that place, I'm ready to go back and expand my palette even more! "

So........ My plan, so far: just go back to the bar Friday/Saturday, and if she's around, definitely approach, but keep it very casual/no pressure. VERY slowly escalate until one of us has to leave, and then "So has it dawned on you yet how bad you want me to take you out next week?"

Good/bad? Thoughts? Other ideas?

Thanks all. Love the supportive, generous vibes on this forum.