Background: HB8 that I previously worked with (single), got lots of IOIs off her, good teasing/C&F thing going on (in person, but mostly via IM/occasional phone/text as worked in diff offices usually). Given we worked in diff towns, no real chance for me to meet her after work alone plus obvious risk and escalate (arrange to on a couple of occassions after work, but boss organised team drinks instead).

Anyway on my last day, I'd helped her with something so in return said she could take me out for a date outside work (convo via IM as she wasn't there in person - not ideal I know). She said something wanting to avoid boy dramas for a couple of months (think this was as a get-out in case date went badly), so we agreed to meet casually outside work but not call it a date. And I teased her for being old fashioned!

Fast forward, I've been busy with new job (same company, different business area) and moving, but few texts back and forth between us (only got her work # as she had her personal phone stolen) to keep comfort/attraction. Sent her an IM yesterday afternoon saying i was going out in my town on sunday and she should come.

No reply, then this text convo after work yesterday (all within 15 mins of each other):

HB8: Sorry, just remembered u had messaged-[xxx] was at my desk so i wasn't looking at my IMs. How's work going? I had a [xxxx] course yest ha!
Me: Thought it was because i no longer part of the [xxx] clique! Work is long! Learn anything?! Weekend plans?
HB8: [senior boss] came to do a talk [blah blah blah]. Sleeping tonight as has a heavy one last night - felt awful all day. Then going out tomorrow eve. You?
Me: Sleeping too - at work till 5am! Sunday evening...roll with me in [my town] (don't bring any drama, but bring your sense of humour)! That is, unless you're too good for me now after your chat with [senior boss]! :P

Haven't heard back yet, last text yesterday evening, now lunchtime today (possibile she has a new personal phone now), and she doesn't check work phone that much at weekend.

Appreciate any critique and suggestions on if/how to follow up. Have read a few texting guides on this site, really useful, but not sure when abruplty don't respond.

Loads of potential opportunities for HB's in my new town, but don't want to write this one off just yet. There was definitely something there, she is exactly my type personality wise not just HB8 looks.

Really appreciate any thoughts guys - new to this and trying to avoid falling back into my AFC ways!