So I may be AFC here. I'm still new to the game. And while I have some pretty good luck, the hired guns are still proving difficult.

Ago there is a bar I'm a "regular" at. The reason I know the 2 main bartenders and the manager, but more so recently because I'm newly singled. As in the subject, she opened me...butnhiredmguns are want to to do that, so imfind it hard to read...let me explain...

There is a smoking hot waitress , Cheryl. She's a solid 9. Tan pacific islander with some type. But more on what really makes her my type a little later. She has never served me, and wasn't my bartender tonight, of everything I ordered, which was a lot, she only got me a single pacifico.

She started chatting me up asking my name saying she's seen me around. We start chatting and i forget how it came up but the fact that she's almost a nurse comes up.(this is why she is my type! As a paramedic I love nurses...any medic will agree lol) so she finds out I'm a paramedic in a larger use city known for violence throughout the country. We chat it up for a bit and then i start talking to another waitresswho always wants to talk, but nearly as hot (nor a nurse (; ). Later cheryle starts conversations with me, tells me about her new place, i tell her about mine, she mentions she'd like a firefighter after I mention how I have a thing for nurses (I'm working on getting a job as a firefighter). She also mentions how she had a secret shopper say she wasn't friendly just recently...

Part of me thinks she's being nice to work on that. But when ever she gets hit on she takes it but then smiles at me with an awkward "I can't say what I want to" smile.

Before i leave I took a napkin and folded it. Mon the out side I wrote "secret shopper survey". On the inside I wrote the names of her and the other bartender. For her eval I wrote things like "she wanted tonight me, she has knowledge one would expect form a RN, and she can pick a great pacifico." while his side I wrote "the emeril of mixology". I gave it to the manager who loved it. And she didn't see it. He wasn't going to show her until later. We chatted a little more and i took off.

I'm trying to play it cool with her, get her out outside of work and turn up my and where I'm comfortable. I'm uncomfortable trying To do it artwork because as I witnessed, it happens to her all the time.

Any suggestions for my next move...please? Lol. It would be huge help!