Hello again everyone! Will try to keep this nice and short and ill try to cover most of the things that happened.

Yesterday a friend of mine invited me to a party at a club, He was going with her gf and 3 girls that she knew, along with 2 other guys i knew.

Except the GF guy the others are ok I dont know them well enough to know if they are AFC, but they arent PUA's either.

The 3 girls were exchange students and it was the first time they went to a party here at my country, so they were in good spirits you could say. They were roughly speaking 2 HB7 and one HB6.

I talked to them all just to kill the time while the group stayed together it helped build DHV at the club, i refuse to use the game on friends of people i know, at the moment im just field testing all the knowledge I got from the forums once i get a hand of it ill use it accordingly. So far this is my very first sarging after entering the game, so i open the door for all constructive criticism out there.

Seeing how the things were going i had to work solo, everyone just there dancing i told a couple guys that i knew for winging but they said later and what not. Im not sure how the dynamics works in clubs, logically it’s not good to go too early since it might lower my value by showing desperation at least that’s how i see it, no matter how relaxed you can be going in too early it’s a no go for me, unless the club has different levels, then you can do it but still keep it under the radar, if not im just increasing all the HB bitch shield against me, since if everyone is seeing me hit on girls and I go after them and they say yes they will most likely label her in a bad way. This is something I saw with my years going out, one of the reasons I was so frustrated is because i have nearly 400 nights i went out WITHOUT SARGING, just because I was a very noticeable AFC, with all the bad qualities. So i have the experience in how girl react to other guys that were AFC's and it never ended well for guys that went in too early. However because of the difference in amount of people during the beginning of the night and the end, most likely not all the girls will have their bitch shield up but i like to keep my cool at least till the club is a bit full.

I approached 8 times in total which is a low number but its good for my first time and considering i had to make excuses to go around solo.

Im gonna divide the 8 approaches and the lessons i learned after each of them being the 8 one a k-close with a n-close.

note: All of this approaches were done solo.

1)First approach:

Near the bar, i let 2 girls ask the drink before me, a HB8 and a HB7, after they ordered i told them(always with a smile and funny tone and talking over my shoulder without leaning in too much), i deserve a compensation for letting you girls order first, the HB8 smiled but didnt say anything, i took a step back and showed her my back while i looked over my shoulder, and went in again, "what did you order?" she answered me and asked her how much was it, she told me the price and thats it for the first approach.


Should have used a neg opener and teased them telling them that they trying to steal my spot in the line saying smth like "hey what you girls doing, you trying to get my spot? you arent that pretty to be doing whatever you want"

Should have used a banter line instead of asking what she order and the price, that was just dull.

2)Second Approach:

There were 2 ladies painting girls faces with things i figured it was an oportunity for free peacocking so i did the line for it wich was filled with girls.

There was a set of 6 girls right in front of me.
2 HB7,1 HB6, 2HB5, 1 HB8. However and this is what confused me and its the reason i dont like this rating system: One of the HB7 was the lider wich didnt know after i have negged the HB8 wich didnt have quite the effect. Anyway lets get back to the story.

I open the set asking them what would they think about a guy painting his face, the HB6 and the non lider HB7 answered me, they were the closest one to me. We talked for abit but the other girls didnt say anything at all. Thats when i negged the 8 telling her the painting will fit her since her makeup was a mess, she smiled and showed them my back to them making myself not that interested but i think i didnt act it well enough and looked like i was nervous. I kept talking but only the HB6 was answering, while the lider HB7 was talking to the rest of the girls showing me her back on purpose and trying to close my out, i noticed my value was getting lower by the minute so i went out saying that the line wasnt moving at all and that i wanted to get back to my friends.


-Should have asked the girls that didnt talk for their opinion this woulda have DHV, by not opening the set correctly i ended up as another AFC.
-I shouldnt have turned around to show lack of interest it kinda backfired.
-Should have negged the lider HB7 when she tried to close me out by telling her she had a bouncer's body and taht she should be at outside letting people in.

3)Third Approach

HG7 cashier. Used an opener telling her "wow you look like you are having fun" (she looked really bored), "a lot of drunk guys coming here asking you to go out with them must be tiring i guess" she laughed, so i started some light rapport, during this the other guy that was with her helping at the bar left us alone, since there weren't many costumers at the time, she then told me "he went to the bathroom" not sure why she told me this but i told her "oh i see you want me to help you make the drinks? that's cool, and i faked i was coming to the other side of the bar" she laughed.
Couldn't help noticing a ring on her hand this killed my mood, i tried to use a bf destroyer but i dont know its just not my kind of thing i am against that just not cool from my point of view. I talked to her a bit more (no kino since she was on the other side), and tried for a n-close, but it failed which i guess it was going to happen since i didn't use a bf destroyer but oh well, just not my kind of thing.


She was dressed in a particular way and the clothes said much about her, i just started investigating the pandora's box so i was afraid to use cold reading and do it wrong, she had necklace with the peace symbol and a t-shirt of a band i didnt know but it looked like rock. I should have used one of those for emotional bonding but the bf made me lose my momentum.

4)Fourth Approach

This one happen when the club was at its peak there was a foam shower and a lot of girls were running from it cause it damaged their hair, one of them seem to be enjoying it so i said. "Hey this looks like fun! you look like snowhite" she smiled but walked away i didnt chase her, just walked around abit to find her shortly after running away from the foam -(smiling) "hey we meet again! what are you drinking?"
-"im drinking x"
-"oh is it a good label cause i only drink good stuff"
-"i dont know what label it is i dont care i just drink it, here drink abit"
-(hesitating) "mm ok" (i drink abit and some foam gets inside)
-"omg no you ruined the drink!"(she was smiling but she was kinda pissed i guess"
-"say what? its not my fault i can control the foam device"
-"bla bla my drink i have to toss it bla bla"
-(joking and laughing)"god you are always complaining what do want me to do, to buy you another drink? (sarcastic)"
-"you know what? thats what i want you to do!" (testing my compliance)
-"im not buying you another drink (laughing), you gave the drink to me, so its your fault not mine, if you dont like it give it to me"
she then just walked away.


Should have chased her at least for one more try after that.
Other than that, im not sure what i did wrong, she was somewhat drunk but not that much.

5)Fifth Approach

This was a HB9 at least maybe even more, she was alone when I talked to her but she was hanging out with another girl a HB8.
I tried using a funny neg but it didn’t come up good, I told her hair was a mess because of the foam, she smiled and stayed close but I couldn’t come up with nothing else to say.


I panicked I guess, as soon as I was talking to her I thought it was going to be impossible to get her to talk I have good energy but it got destroyed pretty soon, i lacked confidence there.
I need to train my follow ups more and have 2 or 3 banter line up my sleeve to keep teasing her.

6)Sixth Approach

On the stairs to the first floor a girl HB8 almost threw me off them because she was drunk as hell, I faked I was kinda mad then smiled and told her I deserve a prize if she wanted me to forgive her, she gave me a kiss on the cheek and stood there kinda dizzy. I said thanks and just left…


I should have tried to tease her more after the kiss again im stuck following up openers.
The fact she was drunk made my lose my motivation to move forward because of the natural IOD the drunk girls usually give I thought she only gave me the kiss cause of the instant IOI that was going to turn in IOD later anyway; im thinking too much again…

7)Seventh Approach

I tried to open a set of HB6, HB5 and HB7. I was closer to the HB7 and the HB5 so I said my opener, the same one I used to open before “what do you girls think of a guy painting his face” again a couple of opinions and small chat, but I was kinda at a loss after that, ran out of things to say and couldn’t neg at all. They started to slowly move away and I just let them be.


Should have started with an opener before opening the set with an opinion.
Follow up being kinda stupid by now, always choking after seeing positive response.

8)Eight Approach

2 second after the sevent approach, I move to 2 girls (HB6 and HB7) that were sitting with a bored face by the bar, I start with something I recommend NO ONE to use,
-“hey girls did you just see what those girls did to me?”
-“they just avoided me by moving away, I rather have them tell me im annoying them”
-“nevermind! Hey whats with your look, it looks like you are having maybe too much fun?”
HB7-“yeah im kinda bored”
-“sorry girls I am annoying you, ill leave if you want”
HB7-“I don’t know.. ask my friend”
HB6-looks at me weird “what no, no you are not bothering us”
-“oh ok that’s cool ill stick around for a bit if you don’t mind I have to get back to my friends anyway, so you don’t like clubs or something? (to the HB7)”
HB7-“No I really hate them all the people dancing it just makes no sense to me, besides I hate this kind of music, not fun at all”
-“Yeah me too! Im more into rock and such”
(After a bit of talking, she showed a particular interest on people using blackberries and always being absent minded while they are using them, I built rapport in this one, telling her its always better for people to see each other and talk, she liked this
HB6-“hey would you like to sit down next to her I can take my purse of that chair”
-“Hmmm oh ok sure thanks!”
After I sit-
HB7-“what was that you were talking about when you first talked to us?”
(here I told her the history again but tried to look it fun and not important)
HB7 smiling-“do you always tell strangers your problems?”
-“what no, not really im a really positive person, I usually don’t care about stuff like that”
Well I talked to her a bit more, using closer kino with my leg touching her, hugging her and anchoring when she was laughing, putting my cheek close to her when I talked and what not.
I managed to k-close for a bit, after a while she told me her friends wanted to leave (it was kinda late the club was in the final moments), I did a n-close and it succeeded, she also offered me her facebook.


Almost blew it with a bad opener.
Verbally trying to cover for my DLV trying to DHV saying im positive was kinda lame I think.

Wow that was long but it has a lot of things to analyze and anyone that needs information on what not to do I think this might be a good source

I would appreciate critics and I need a hand on follow up openers o banter lines, I know situational work best but I could use info not on witch ones to use but what type of things would be more effective attention wise. I also would like to know if its more effective to n-close or just ask for the facebook, not sure whats the difference, besides that with the phone you can actually speak to her.
I think I can continue things with the girl, but after a couple of texts she hasn’t answered so im gonna wait till she answers, I don’t want to be needy, its one of my main problems im kinda anxious with things.