I am doing a semester abroad in Scotland, and the nightlife here is pretty awesome. The girls are quite forward and some are quite hot. There is this one girl I find pretty attractive, but am not sure if I should go after her or not. Let me give you the story:

We met during a random pub crawl the first night, and we formed a group and went to a pub. She was giving me good IOI's and then asked if I wanted to see another dance floor with her. I went with and we danced for like 3 songs (face to face, not touching). Then I kinda tried to pull her in and then the next song she headed back to her friends. Later i found out that she was hooking up with the bouncer at the club before we even got there, and as we were leaving, she said that we should wait (me, her, and another girl to thank the bouncer for getting us in free). Basically I felt like just a friend.

Anyway, I met her randomly again at the same club and hung out with her group. I was a bit over her at this stage, because she seemed the kind of girl to like attention from men, but not want to do anything with them (I had seen her once before with a bunch of random dudes who were friends and following her everywhere). Anyway, I started paying more attention to her friend, and basically at the end of the night, when it was time to leave and say good bye, she came up and gave me a big hug.

This sounds like nothing much, but it did at the time. What do you think of the situation? What am i doing wrong? What should I do in the future? I don't have her number, but my gay roommate does. (He makes friends with all the girls).