Ive been texting with this one girl, using Rob Judges Magnetic Messaging key sequence and shes been very engaged in my texts, saying how much fun I am (from the night we met in person) to how funny I am via text.

When I go for the meet up shes always very excited and accepts without any hesitation but last couple of times due to logistics on both sides we havent met up. Well this thursday I did the key lock sequence which engaged her and going for the meet up for that same day and she accepted for 730pm. I send her a text at 5pm which she responds and then after I reply she goes MIA. Pretty much just texted her confirming the time and place and she dissapeared. I thought maybe phone issues but well she hasnt texted me back this whole time I had to make other plans with another woman.

I actually do like this girl and Shes been extremely responsive since I got her number and even saying things like "your a keeper' among other flirtations that it seems hella weird she just dissapeared & i know from facebook she wasnt kidnapped or anything lol. What should I text her next, or whats my next move? I honestly am a bit curious as to what happened. Should I try to change my gameplan a bit what should I text her now to get things going again? Havent texted her since thursday, Let me know!