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    Default Come chase me invite me out!!!!

    I have to say I hate the one-itis posts of how do I get this girl back, that being said this is a girl I am working on that I have been with, she started to get into me for a while then I farked up and acted beta in a few unfortunate situations and am friend zoned pretty hard right now. my frame through friend zone is always pretty strong, and she hasn't let go of the idea of us ending up together but her gaurd is up hardcore and she keeps the time we spend together rather short. She works at the gym I go to so I see her on a nightly basis.

    Tonight after my work out I stop and talk to her, spend some time rolling thru a couple dhv stories and tease her about her shirt. she is brushing through her hair body language directly at me having fun and laughing. We go to check out what this guy is doing in the b-ball court and she goes to smack my side as she walks by but I sort of block it.

    Then her little chase me game starts. she starts telling me how hungry she is and asking if I have any food or sweets. she is asking what is open now and blaaah blahh what should I get. She is trying to get me to ask her out to eat.

    I dhv story about my work and tell her about a song I really like and that she needs to include it in the next cd she accidentally leaves in my car. she says she plans on it but isn't sure she will remember. then I tell her a rapper she likes is coming to town and she says she is going to but tickets and needs someone to go with. I said "don't be shy you can invite me but she" responds like something like "not you."

    I said "ok" without looking hurt and moved on with more dhv and bull sh1tting. I was social with a few patrons that walked by and then left talking to a guy I saw working out with a casual wave and eye contact.

    Then I texted her on my way home.
    ME:I would be willing to grab ice cream with you tonight but not to long I have plans tom night and need good sleep!

    HB:I would if I didn't have plans already! rain check?

    Me: No prob have fun and by the way float on by modest mouse is a very cd worthy song, awol nation would go well with it to!

    HB:yes sir!

    she consistently communicates a want to do this or that in a way that she is looking to hang out and I have been playing with dif ways of handling it, tonight was my first concrete proof that she is just trying to get me to show interest. the idea in my head right now is to accept her frame as invite me out but reject her timing or parameters.

    HB:I really want to have a cheese burger right now!(hypothetical)

    ME:you could come over and cook cheeseburgers thurs night with me but I have plans tonight.

    that way my frame would suggest she is chasing me instead of her me falling for her sh1t test? What do you guys think and how do you respond in similar situations

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    Default Re: Come chase me invite me out!!!!

    Have you slept together? If not I'm going to assume your short term goal is to do that. If you have though, then what is your goal? LTR? Booty call? FWB?
    "All things are subject to interpretation. Whichever interpretation prevails at a given time is a function of power and not truth."

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