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    Default Personal/Inner Game

    (this is a real long msg, to skip the bs and get to the point, just go down to the bold and underlined)
    ok i am new to the game. but not new to women. im 27, not ugly or stupid. ive had plenty of sex and girlfriends. however, i see women everyday that i want to approach and have no idea how to. i get rejected by girls and screw up little relationships all the time. im no virgin or loser, but feel like one sometimes when i fuck something up or cant muster the confidence to say hi to someone.
    just two nights ago, monday, i did approach a girl at a bar, and in 30 seconds had her back at the bar having a drink, got her number two minutes later. she lives 3 hours away, was leaving town in two days. wednesday, so we planned a drink for tues night. even as we sat at the bar mon night she sent me a text right beside me saying hopefully we can get together tomorrow. tues came around and she said she had to leave town today, i played it fairly cool. sent her a text today to see if when she is back in town and no response.
    she was a hot woman who was into me and she completly blew me off. i felt like a 10 that night and feel like a 3 now. it seemed too good to be true and of course it fucking was. also, i am starting some online dating stuff and a few times a girl sees my picture and stops messenging me. and it fucking kills me

    obviously there is rejection in this game, what im starting to realize is i let it get to me way too much and the value that the girl gives me is how i value myself and i know this isnt right!!

    im sure there is plenty of content on inner game and confidence and importantly being happy with myself no matter whathappens with the girl that night. i dont want a rejection to be 'oh joe you suck" i need to turn that into "oh that chic sucks she doesnt know what she is missing"
    any advice fellas? what or who should i read? i need to take care of this personal issue as a pre cursor to pua. or else ill be a wreck every second night. lol any advice or any pointers in the right direction would be great. thanks man,

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    Default Re: Personal/Inner Game

    David DeAngelo, Man. Youtube his Deep Inner Game Seminars.
    Wondering where I am now? Check out my latest project:

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    Default Re: Personal/Inner Game

    There some "inner game" advice out there that I would term
    as overcompensation tactics to deal with self esteem issues.
    Constantly trying to build up your self esteem by putting others down
    is not the most healthy technique. Rather than viewing things with such
    a black and white outlook of either they suck or you suck, it is better
    to learn to accept that not everyone will be interested. Everyone
    faces rejection, and no one is immune from being rejected. It is
    a fact of life.

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