I was wondering if i could get any advices from ya all.

My ex gf HB9, will be coming to town after two months. We broke off in dec 2011 because long story short, I was super AFC. Like I uploaded sh1t on fb about me and her. Now I feel like such a dumbass ever doing that. She saw that I was being an AFC and disposed of me. I felt hurt as sh1t ofcourse.

But ever since I read about this whole PUA thing, my game has become alot better than what it was in Jan 2012.

However, the point is, shes coming to town for a month. We had a bad breakup. Where I was behaving all needy.

She sent me bday greetings on 2nd sept. She mentioned "from your friend"

I sent her a reply saying thanks and calling her a friend.

She replies by saying shes coming to town after 2 months and staying in town for a whole one month.

Heres the thing. Her sister lives in town. Her sister is in the university. My ex is also in touch with some other guys that are HIGH VALUE SONSOFBITCHES because they hang around the uni campus and around her sister. I am not a uni student. I am a working man. The guys shes gonna hang around with are farking experienced at this whole gaming the chick thing. They are high value because PUA is part of their farking culture.

anyways, I knew the last time she was in town. she slept with nearly 2 different punks. Bitch, later on, she became my gf.

Anyways, now I am not sure if i can game her....can i fark her? I really would like to, because honestly, i never did fark her, cause well i didnt have any experience. But now I do.

Do you think I can fark my ex? she calls me friend.....what can happen?....shes in town for a month, i know shes looking to have a very good time...I want that good time to be me, not some other dude....

I am still a very novice pua.

Please help....


after she sent me a long bday greeting and saying "from ur friend from korea"...
I sent her a thank you reply also calling her friend like saying "miss u friend"

SHE -- Haha maybe 2month after i go to bbk.my plan stay one month wow!haha

ME -- Cool. Hope you Have fun in Bkk

I wanted to make it look like I really didnt give a shit if she was in bkk or not....is that demonstrating HIGH VALUE?....and honestly, i dont give a shit who she fucks. If i can think and believe that I have already cut her out of my life completely, then i will have no expectations...right ? But can i still get a chance fclose her?