I'll try to keep this short.

Met girl, number closed. We chatted up. Short version, is via fb chat she reveals to me she got dumped over phone (relationship 2 years) but she was trying to get her feet wet dating. We made set a 1st date. Sure enough, the day of the date she cancels on me saying "She's not ready."

I don't reply, I just cease all contact for 2 weeks, then open again. Game it up, secure another date. Goes well, I don't k-close on 1st dates (personal preference), but do get a tight hug. Few days go by, contact again. Set 2nd date. Again, date goes really well. We're hanging at her place watching TV, kino is through the roof. Cuddled up, my hands exploring her. She's curled into a ball in short shorts, my hand rests on her bare leg, every now and again caressing along the length of the thigh. We go to dinner, then back to my place. Again we curl up to watch TV (on my bed cuddling in the dark), more kino. Hands wander torso, start kissing the top of her head, she allows it, forehead, allowed. Go for k-close and she whispers the words again. "I'm not ready."

I tell her it's ok, we go back to cuddling etc. She lets me kiss her forehead, side/top of head all I want. I drop her off, walk to door. She gives me a tight hug, and then SHE kisses me on the cheek. I hold the hug after kiss on cheek and say "Don't worry about it. Don't be awkward, I understand, we can go as slow as needed." Wait for her to open door and get safely inside then leave.

Hindsight, I think I was too nice/beta at the door, possibly beta in saying "It's ok" when rejected. I've gone into no contact. Would like to hear opinions on what my next move should be. Is she just going slow? Is she gonna drop me if the ex comes back/when she recovers from being dumped? She's been 100% straightforward with what she thinks she feels, but I know that means nothing because <insert what we know about women here>.

Background: They broke up 2 months in after being together 2 years.

My diagnosis: She wants male attention/companionship (hence cuddling and letting me kiss her forehead, top of head, cheek) but not anything else (no making out/sex/etc.) and I'll probably be cast aside as a used up emotional tampon.

Opinions? Suggestions? I want all of them.