I went out to date with a girl from my childhood (also from my home village). This was for a serious relationship. There are pretty much reasons for both of us to be a couple which I cannot mention the details (because it will be boring for you) but at the end she has rejected me for who knows why. Told me that she don't want to see me, it was few months ago. Since then I've gained weight (I was underweight). This weekend I'll go to my hometown for "a day before wedding kinda celebration" of our mutual friend. There will be our mutual friends but not herself. I think that she will get a bit jealous (I hope, with good intentions) that I'm having fun there with her best friends. Now, should I mention to her best friend (and at the same time one of my closest friends) that we went out to dates and it didn't end as I expected? So that this mutual close friend will go to Facebook/Gmail chat and tell her "oh, I've heared that you both went on dates and it didn't end well, I wish you both were a couple bkah blah" something like that... or I should not mention at all?