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    Default Losing steam in C-2

    Hey guys,

    I've had a problem lately with a couple of the more attractive girls I've been gaming. I am getting stuck in C-2 and losing momentum there. I have not had this problem with HB7-8, but am currently having it with more attractive girls.

    Part of the problem is likely my confidence in continuing the seduction process with a girl who is apt to require more work on my part. I'm not looking for LTR, and perhaps that is in my subconscious mind as well.

    Any inner game advice? I felt the need to post this request after destroying this HB8.5 via text: "well if you can't laugh at that joke then you're a total b1tch and I have nothing in common with you."
    Obviously ungentlemanly on my part.

    Getting overly frustrated by length of C-2 and lack of connection lately, I guess. Thanks for the consideration!

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    Default Re: Losing steam in C-2

    Not sure I have enough information to give specific advice, but I'll try

    Inner game comes from remembering your the prize, and screening them. Your text was good in the sense that yes you were screening, but horrible execution, downright mean
    Tease and be playful. If a text doesn't look right, wait a few hours until you come up with something better

    If you're failing to develop a connection in C2, look at certain routines you can add
    5 lies game and the cube game are great for this. Namely the cube game, learn it and practice on a friend, it wows these girls and they open up like a book, and it shows her you can read her and can tell more about her than her just being hot
    Here are 2 great posts on the cube basics and interpretation
    Advanced Cube - custom game 4 cutom Cubes

    I would also recommend checking out this thread for some better ideas for what you can discuss, lots of great questions there to build rapport

    Good luck
    Never need praise, sympathy, or approval

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