I play a sport (hockey) and typically the whole town comes to watch the games, so this means that their are plenty of highschool aged girls and boys coming to watch (I am highschool aged but she is a few years younger than I am.)This all happened tonight besides the text thread.

I currently have a bit of a thing with an HB 9, we have been on a date (I wasn't totally congruent with my text state but recovered over text) and now she flirts sexually over text with me. But tonight apparently while I was playing she was getting hit on by another kid, no social status, but I am unsure of his game it might be good. I am just wondering how to play my cards. A bit of my text game FROM YESTERDAY goes like this...

Me: We should definitely party soon together, with some country (country refers to dancing with country...)

HB: Okay, sounds good hope I don't get too lg drunk and embarrass you tho

Me: How do you think you'd embarrass me, with exceptional dancing/kissing skills?

HB: Cuz you always make fun of me for being an lg! And you don't even know what a good dancer and kisser I am yet haha

Me: We can test this tomorrow night (after my sports game)

HB: Only if you win! (we had a bit of a bet going)

Me: Not bad incentive if you really are as good as you say you are darling

So my only concern is, not that I should have one based off of this text game from last night...we lost our game so I didn't get a free curfew tonight to see her. The concern is that since she is a HB 9 other guys are going to hit on her, we are not dating just a thing have not kissed yet, do I play my cards as if I don't even know guys are hitting on her and pursue her like normal or should I use a push/pull tactic and push her away right now?