Hi guys,

I had an interview at a recruitment agency the other day, after just registering with them, which was to help me discuss what I was wanting from them, types of roles and contracts, etc... But the weird thing was I think a pickup opportunity presented itself and its been kind of frustrating me since, as to whether I should have went for it or not???

I was due to meet with the original interviewer, but I ended up getting taken by her colleague first who dealt with longer term contracts first. Which went well enough, she was bubbly and what you expect from an interview type situation.

I had to wait another 5/10 minutes for the interviewer I was supposed to meet to come in. As soon as she came in, I was almost distracted for words (I know you should never be distracted by beauty, and I never really am, I just wasn't expecting someone so young and hot!). I was expecting a typical powerful business women, so I was working on my body language acting laid back relaxed. I thought I would shake her hand when she came in, but slightly stubbled one of my words, hence a little bit of awkwardness/tension, which I felt was mutual. After this, I spoke absolute rambling sh1t about what my current job role covered, but my tonality and body language were solid enough, and she didn't ask me to repeat or seem confused.

After that little unexpected start I composed myself, sat back and open, and began to relax. I used strong eye contact when speaking, but not too strong to be uncomfortable. I then noticed several times during the interview, she would ioi, such as when she was speaking to me, she would hold strong eye contact, I mean like talking for 1-2 minutes without looking away, and most obvious sign was hair touching, which she tossed back at one stage. Then at the end, she asked me twice if there was any further questions, or anything else I would like to know (which I wasn't sure if it was a cue for me to ask her for her personal number) and gave me her business contact card.

So, I am unsure whether I am reading too much into this or not, its just I know what ioi's are and this felt strong, and there was something in the air.

Although, I asked 2 women I know what they thought, and they said, they wouldn't have done it in an interview, although this wasn't a formal interview in the sense of the word, was just a 'lets get to meet and know our client better meeting'.

I did however think, a MPUA could do that if they wanted to, I'm sure that if a situation arose for a MPUA they would take it, and even if inappropriate still maintain high value.

Your thoughts would be appreciated?