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    Default potential fwb questions/advise

    Person I used to date off and on and was friendzoned by recently said they wanted to try friends with benefits, but is screwed up about sexual things due to some recent baggage. She is wanting to do the whole cuddly/ilu thing and hang out, but gets tense if we go past kissing.

    She has told me she just needs time with that sort of thing, and I feel like she may be genuine but I don't want to risk the friendzone thing again.

    been spending -a lot- of time together, have laughs, etc. but not much in the way of physical contact other than kissing as far as anything fwb goes.

    she runs hot and cold with how she feels about the topic, sometimes when we talk about it she likes it, and sometimes she gets frigid.

    trying to decide the best way to go about it to make sure it actually progresses as fwb and doesn't become a ljbf.

    I am wanting to pull away from the behaviors that I feel are relationship or ljbf oriented, without her thinking I am tryin to push her past what she is ready for...tbh I would rather things speed up in that direction, but the important part is not trying to be her emotional tampon to get her to relax as I feel that would ljbf me.

    considering we have history of ljbf And a brief history of dating (which was some 2.5 years ago, and just screwed around a couple of times then.) what is the best way to proceed with this to actually fwb?

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    Default Re: potential fwb questions/advise

    Just be honest with her about what you want, what your concerns are, and how you feel about where things are now. I'll be honest, she's got you on the hook right now and you've got to get off. So I would suggest the next time you see her, you have an honest conversation with her and just put it all on the table. If she isn't going to give you what you want, then you deserve to know. Don't be afraid to walk away from this weird relationship, or better still pull out an LJBF on her.
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