Background: been hooking up with this girl off and on for a few months now, more or less every weekend. Maybe on a random Wednesday Thursday every once in a while. It's more or less hooking up, we've only been on 2 "dates" (her work hours can be a little crazy, so I've stopped trying to set up anything with her during the week really). Sometimes we'll meet up at a bar/club, but usually I'll just go over to her place towards the end of the night. Sometimes I initiate contact for the night, sometimes she does.

Last night, do a little text-flirting, then break it off saying I'll text her later. She laughs and says "yeah, because we don't intereact unless its 1am haha"

Text her whats up later, she says she's at this club we go to a decent amount, I'm nearby so I go to meet up with her. When I get there she acts weird, will dance with me for a minute, then go dance with a friend (some girls, some guys). After that happens a few times, I say forget this, and go home because it's 3 AM.

When I'm walking back, she texts me "You're mad."

I text back "You're annoying sometimes."

She says, I know, why do you hang out with me? I replied Dunno, you used to be fun..., then she complains that if I was pissed I should say something and she has no idea what I want so she doesn't know what she's supposed to do. I said that I feel like we made it clear we wanted to see each other, but when you run away from me at the club that sends a different message. Then she asks if I'm at home, she wants to come by.

She comes over and we talk for a minute (Her: I didn't make out with anyone; I feel like I'm a convenience (we live a 7-8 minute walk away)). Then we start hooking up. She says that she can't have sex tonight, I don't press her on that, but we do other stuff. She complains about how late it is, I tell her to stay over, she says she only stays over at her boyfriend's (she's never stayed over at my place before, I've stayed over at hers though). At like 5/5:15, I walk her downstairs. Would have walked her home, but she was super lazy and got in a cab.

A little confused about where things stand between us. Does she want me to make a move towards making her an "official" girlfriend/exclusive? I need to think about whether that's something I want. She also hasn't always seemed super eager to see me in non-hookup situations. If I take some time and figure stuff out, should I just call her up to go for a walk and talk it out?

Really appreciate any advice, I know this was pretty long.