Okay, not entirely sure this belongs in this forum. Turning this one over to the experts. The goal of this post is to

1.) Make sure I'm interpreting everything right.
2.) Am I friendzoned? If I am how do I correct that?
3.) What should be my next move...

The HB in question is my former boss. I met her this May, she was pretty reserved, mostly kept to herself. June sometime her and I are talking at work about who has good sushi in Syracuse. I tell her she should come out with me. Set up a time and place. Long story short, she flaked. Didn't faze me at all at the time, I'm not one to get too hung up on that normally. My view at the time was "meh, whatever".

Fast forward into late July, early August, we're spending a lot of time around each other, both at work and then after work a lot of times we'd hang out, either hit a bar, grab dinner, go to a concert, usually in a group of anywhere from 3 to 12. At this point she's hooking up with another girl in the office (she's bi), one night we were going to grab wings, HB's gf abruptly asks to be taken home. HB is visibly upset, I tell her if she needs a vent have at it, wound up spending all night talking on her front porch. Similar thing next weekend, a bunch of my coworkers and us go to the bar, HB and I spend a good deal of time dealing with everyone elses drunk asses. After that was settled, she asks if I want to crash on her couch, I tell her-
me - "no, I'm gonna go off and burn off some energy"
HB - "allright, I'm coming with you"
me - "no, thats ok"
HB - "you're not leaving alone"
I initially declined, but she was persistant, and got in my car. I ended up bringing her nightswimming, she was smiling the whole time, until I brought her home the next morning.

Fast forward to the end of August. At this point our sublets end, and our head office allowed us to continue the campaign. We are pretty much hanging out everyday at this point and we both move into the office, turned it into our hangout. Life is good until my last day there. I took a job with the ACLU that required extensive bouncing around between Boston and NYC. Getting in the field, I was the last one dropped off. I got the information I needed, we then locked eyes, solid ten seconds or so, both of us staring straight at each other and it hits me like a truck hauling bricks.

I'm really into this girl.

I get out of the car and get back to work. Next day I'm on my way to NYC. Kicking myself.

I rolled through Syracuse a week and a half later. Called a coworker telling him I'd be in town. In the background I hear "you're coming back by? You should come over tonight!". Yes. HB. Right there. I arrive too late to do anything. We grab coffee the next morning but it goes nowhere. Later that week she texts me out of the blue "where are you? what are you doing? I miss you". I reply with "currently in plattsburgh figuring out what to do next. don't panic i'll be back sometime this week". Nothing after. Walked right into that one. I did see her that Friday (this is 2 weeks ago now), a bunch of people were celebrating the end of the campaign, we all go out to the bar, all around good time. Next day HB is going to her parents. Large group is still there, she runs up to me as I'm leaving, gives me a huge hug and tells me that next week she is planning on going to Virginia and that I should come.

Game on.

Last weekend, she comes back to Syracuse, long drive down, we hit it off really well. We're talking and laughing the whole time, kept the largest smile on the whole time, she "accidentally" grabs my leg a few times. We arrive meet up with a friend, that night we go to a party, HB and I hung out on the back porch the entire time. Next night we stay in and watch a bunch of movies. She goes on a kick about how her heart keeps getting broken (repeated several times on the trip back as well), later on she falls asleep curled up next to me. Next day we go visit her sister in DC, on the car ride she tells me that she was going to be staying at her parent's beach house for a few months and that I should come out there and stay with her while she's there. Caught me completely off guard. Completely. I sort of brush it off as some sort of sh1ttest. We end up arriving in DC, have a really good time there, end up taking all of the next morning to visit the national monuments, then drive back to NY. Last hour she really begins pushing the idea of me going out to her beach house, and also tells me that if I miss my train I should come to Vermont with her at her parents. I end up making it on time, she leaves with a long hug, clearly not looking for more though.

Dunno what to make of all this. I did set plans that I would come out and visit her, but what to make of all this. She drives me wild. And I'm not usually shy either, but something about her that freezes me up.

So help me experts, whats the situation, and how would I proceed? Thanks for taking the time to read, and feel free to ask more questions if you need any more info.