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    Default Girl from Work - Yes or no?

    It seems the most popular answer is no. Dont even bother, you're gonna screw things up and you have to see her everyday.
    She works at the same research place I do for college. The thing is we never have the same work times so we only see eachother in passing or in spontaneous staff meetings.
    I think I have very poor gaming skills at the moment so if I try too hard I'll probably fck it up and come off weird.
    I feel like the only non high-risk chance is if I just be myself and just go with the flow and hope we mingle enough naturally for it to proceed.
    Theres 2 problems: -I may not see her again for the rest of the time at least until next year when I rearrange my work schedule if I still decide to work there.
    -Of the few interactions we've had, she recently sat there behind me and pretty much talked for like an hour to another coworked behind me about this very detailed story of her other job and all these inside-stories. Every now and then, I would try and get into it with quick questions which she would answer openly but then it would just be too many inside-stories and I would have to pretend to go back to work.
    -I added her on Facebook fairly quickly after meeting which is retarded but I realize I dont see her that often anyways so it is for the better. I added another coworker after a couple months because I saw her fairly often and shes like meh.

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    Default Re: Girl from Work - Yes or no?

    Quote Originally Posted by peel View Post
    It seems the most popular answer is no. Dont even bother, you're gonna screw things up and you have to see her everyday.
    I say go for it. It's only wierd if you make it wierd (and if making it wierd were a landscape, I'd be a chartographer).
    Here's how I see it panning out:
    Yes (Ideally): she IOI's, you n-close, and boom-bang-bing Peel for the win.
    No / It doesn't get wierd: she says "I have bf", "no thank you", or any other variation of polite "no" - in which case it's still a partial victory because you've just successfully went for it and didn't make it wierd.
    No / It's wierd: she says no, and then things get wierd. This is the one I've done the most because it is necessary to make it wierd a few dozen times in order to really understand HOW TO make it wierd and thus HOW NOT TO make it wierd.

    And so I say go for it. Worst case scenario ^ you get one lesson closer to understanding the nature of wierdness and therefore being a pro at 'not making it wierd' - best case, you get a date.

    Besides, like you said, you barely see her, so even if it does get wierd... you won't see her that much.

    Enough pep talk? Here's a plan suggestion:

    In avoiding wierdness less is more. The less of anything there is in the interaction the more un-wierd it will be. Less movement, less time, less talking, less people around... (*fewer people around) So I recommend a minimalist approach. Something like:

    Peel: *catches her in passing with a Yad-stop or just a planted body language stop. With no greeting immediately engage her *smile*
    "HB name, question; are there polar bears in Europe or is that a Canadian thing?" - basically the last thing that should be on her mind, but get it more relevant to her if you can. This should stop her in her tracks.
    HB: "Uhm, what? I don't know"
    Peel: "You know what, I don't care, just getting your attention, you're cute, I never see you, give me your number and we'll see if you're as interesting as you are attractive."

    Or perhaps

    *same catching in passing as before*
    "HB name, listen, you are like never her when I am, and I would be kicking myself later today if I didn't get your number right now."

    Simple and straight forward, maybe try out some Sasha-type routines if she is in any way hesitant.

    Whether you use these or not tho, I highly reccomend adopting this as your body language when you approach her (or others)
    DTF HB's omw 2 LTR

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