i got this girl on facebook. we havent seen eachother in a while but just began seeing eachother recently. so we were supposed to make plans and link up. then she ignored my last 3 texts. i didnt wanna seem needy so i didnt respond back. then she hits me up on fb a week later by posting a smiley on my wall.

her : )
me:hhhhmmmmm (she liked this comment)
me: sooooo yeeeaaaaa.
her: did you miss me?
me:if i was to miss you, what would i miss about you.
her: my beautiful face.
me: yea but beauty is common, gimme somethin else lol.
her:not my beauty
me: ok i gotcha, did u miss me?
her: really bad (i liked this comment)

i didnt want my business blown up all over my wall so i just sent her a dm saying hey a couple days later. last time i established everything, now i want her to kinda chase me a lil. i sent her a dm saying hey you. and she responds with hey. any advice would be great.

p.s. she also just put a post up today saying she lost all her numbers blah blah blah.