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Thread: I need some advice about homeless people...

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    Post I need some advice about homeless people...

    My friend is a very devout christian, and I'm a fairly devout atheist. For the last couple of years, my friend has influenced me to help those in greater need then me. It has been a habit of mine to give change or help whenever I have the extra funds to do it.

    Recently I've begun hanging with a HB8 and there've been two very pronounced encounters with homeless people. One of them I gave a handful of change, not a big deal. The other occured at a coffee shop, when a homeless man asked for some change for food. Because I had just gotten paid that day, I invited him in and ordered him a meal, leaving my girl for a few moments to take care of it.

    Now, I would be doing these things regardless of whether I was with a girl, a friend, or by myself, but I'm wondering how she took it.

    Overall, is it a good thing to be compassionate towards those worse off than you? like, is it a DHV or something? Or will it come off as trying to appear compassionate, thus making her lose some of the value I've established?

    Thanks for any help!

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    Default Re: I need some advice about homeless people...

    I think it depends on the girl....

    (but first let me say, love the name, I've become quite ept at argumentation myself )

    ...but I think it depends on the girl and will be a DHV as long as it's framed the right way. Generally I've found that most girls will be turned on by one of three types of guys: the bad-boy, the nurturer, or the hero.

    If she's into nurturers
    Then excuse yourself, help the guy, and then return with a DHV routine about how a friend of yours got you into helping people and how compassion, kindness and helping others is a big deal to you

    If she's into bad-boys
    Then excuse yourself, help the guy, and... seems like she'd be turned off right? Not so! Frame it like a haunted past thing: talk about how you know from personal experience that people can be down on their luck (it's not lying, it's flirting) and you'd rather take a little time out of your day to give this guy a little more inscentive and stay off a dark path... *pause for dramatic haunted look out the window* stack back to whatever she was talking about earlier

    If she's into the hero
    Talk about the ideals of society and how it just takes one person to bring hope to the hopeless and if you can be that for someone then it's given meaning to an ordinary day

    I guess these ^ are kinda specific to how I'd do it, hope it helps even if it's outside your game style
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