I met this girl a while ago then lost touch kind of. We both became facebook friends then and she was in and out of her longterm relationship.she broke up with her long term boyfriend in the summer because he cheated on her. She was posting a lot of depressing status's on facebook about how she hopes to meet a nice guy blah blah blah. So i saw her at a crowded place in the city a few weeks ago didnt get a chance to say high to her but sent her a facebook msg the next day. She a
Seemed interested in the convo for a bit asking questions and asking if i had fun and what i ended up doing and what ive been upto lately. I asked her the same and she stopped responding. A couple of days later i saw some another sad status on facebook that someone apparantly said to her about stop holding onto relationships and people who dont care about you etc etc etc so i decided to take some initiative and sent her flowers with a message saying hope this puts a smile on your face and brightens up your day. She sent me a message on facebook saying i got these flowers at work... Was very surprised. That was very sweet of you. Thank you for the gesture! I replied no problem ive noticed your status's and felt you needed to be cheered up. She replied back saying. that was so sweet of you...thank you so much!! You're amazing! And i said i hoped you liked the flowers and went on to say if you ever need to talk text, call, message me and i gave her my number and know she saw the message but she didnt reply or anything. That was 2 weeks ago. What do i do now? Is she not interested and being nice? Should i quit and move on ? I thought me sending her the flowers would seperate me from the rest and atleast get her to start texting me. Help please