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    Default Couldnt form past the opener on campus

    So at school in my English class theres this girl whos cute as hell, come off sweet, and is very timid. Quiet in class, doesnt really talk to anyone. She seems to fall into the band geek/thespian/gamer chick background. All that and hot.

    I swear I've noticed her looking at me several times each time we are in class together. Last week I noticed she was wearing a Portal 2 shirt (video game). We walk in the same direction after class. She to another campus building, me to my car on the other side of campus. I walked up besides her, cocked my sunglasses up, and facing her as we walked I said to her "That has to be the coolest shirt I've seen all day" She giggled, smiled, and said thank you while saying she agrees. I managed to ask if she was familiar with both games. She only played the first one. Then I went blank. I didn't know where to take the convo so I said shes missing out and should try the first one to get the full experience. She replied she cant afford anything cause shes a college student, then I ended the convo so not to make it awkward. Or more awkward than I already made it. We then when our different directions.

    I was in control for the first line opener then thats all I had. I think I got another shot at her and want to because I'm not satisfied till its concluded in its finality.

    Today I will take advantage of the opportunities presented to me.

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    Default Re: Couldnt form past the opener on campus

    Sounds like transitioning is your sticking point. For campus game I've found it helpful to have a few scripted DHV routines to get conversation going:

    -Where you're from - be able to tell a few stories about some interesting things about your home town

    -Have any siblings/other family - and a few good stories that summarize your family relationships

    -Your major - not just what it is, but also what other things you were considering, and how you came to your descision

    -Classes you're taking - any interesting subjects? if not, any interesting professors? if not, any interesting (even creepy or obnoxious) classmates? if not - make something up based on a kid you've known in high school

    -How long you've been in town - have a few cocky/funny stories about your first few days, discovering unique local attractions, the characteristics and mannerisms of the local people, etc

    These ^ are all things that she can relate to. Get her talking a bit and the convo will flow naturally - you can tease her, and/or neg her to your hearts content while you DHV!

    Here is a list of openers that Tyrone and I put together - we've had good results

    P.s. When you script your DHV routines frame them to flip attraction switches: leader of men, preselected by females, social / sociological status proof, caretaker of loved ones, ability to emote.

    (A story about what emotional attachment you have to your favorite band is often going to turn a girl on more than a story about going to see that band in concert)
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