Hey guys!
There is this girl in my college class with whom i made out and went out together for a few days, then she broke up with me cause apparently she was still thinking of her ex boyfriend with whom she has been for 3.5 years and broke up in august. We decided to stay friends and I see her everyday in class and we hang out in out a lot with other people from our class. We spent a few nights texting eachother. I tried creating an us frame with her and i do a lot of kino. Its been about two weeks since she broke up with me. And I want her back. So should I go direct (she is a cinderella in pandoras box and responds well to direct game)? We are gonna go out next week to a nightclub, should I try to kiss close her again there or should I rather ask her out?
Please help me choose the right strategy to get this girl back.
P.S I have a lot of social proof in my class and girls from our class think im funny and nice, however right now this is the girl im interested in in my class