Hey guys.

As some of you have heard, I'm taking up photography as a hobby and possible job opportunity. for that, I need a kickass portfolio. Now, I'm a good photographer. I can bump a girl up a whole point (ex. from and HB6 to an HB7) if I do my job right. But there's only so much I can do. To get really exceptional pictures, I need exceptional girls. I need some models.

I've tried the normal photography routes to find models, but that's been going a lot slower than I'd like. I've heard a couple of you guys talk about models you've gamed and I thought, why not go ahead and mix two of my favorite things and snag me some models.

So here's what I need from my fellow PUAs. How do I meet them, and is there any difference from normal high level HBs? Keep in mind most of these girls will be college age, so they probably won't be that far into their modelling career.