Okay, so at my job there is a bank inside my work area. There has been this girl, that for months has been exchanging glances at me for quite awhile. I sometimes catch her staring at me working. And she has caught me staring back, but nothing came about it.

I never really said ANYTHING to her, cause word has it she was dating someone. Just though I'd kinda forget about her and find better prospects.

But today was different. As I was working, she makes eye contact, and wildly beacons to me, gesturing for me to come over to her. I raise my eyebrow suspicously and walk over to the teller...

Teller: "Hey, we just wanted to meet you! We always see you working, and well I wanted to introduce you to us. My names Jessica and this is Erica and Paul"

WildKatt: "Hey guys whats up...(Greet the staff..slowly bringing my attention to Jessica again)Nice to met you Jessica, I'm WildKatt...I'd like to shake your hand but there's 3 inches of bulletproof glass between us LOL.

I take my hand out and pretend to shake her, shaking hands with the air in front of me.....then

Ready for the IOI?

She puts her hand flat against the glass and I do the same. Matching both our palms together on the glass between us.

I cut it short, give her a look (seductive look) and tell her I'll talk to you later, I was getting busy.

Now its safe to say shes digging me, right? How do I proceed in asking for her number? How should I proceed in escalating? Keep in mind I work in close quarters with her.