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    Default Help with girl that has a bf, after an f close

    Hey, I am looking for advice on my situation. This girl I met in high school I became friends w on fb. We talked at length and then I just stopped.

    Well she had said we should go out a couple times and I'd agree but never asked her out cause she had a bf. Well she asked again but actually asked for a day to meet at happy hour. I said thu or Friday. She picked Friday.

    Everything went great but I could tell she was nervous. She said she likes going to concerts but no one will go w her. After I said she never asked me, I said what about her bf. she replied he usually won't go and thinks they probably won't stay together.

    Skipping ahead she invites me to her house and then f close. So it was 5-12 from meeting up until sleep. I leave the next morning after talking for about 30 minutes and later get this text.

    "Hey thanks for making my bed this morning :-). That was sweet. I had a really nice time last night. Was your car still in one piece? "

    I reply- Making your bed was the least I could do considering I wasn't the one that moved to the couch! Yeah, I had a good time too & my car even survived.

    Her: LOL well I had to go to the couch if either of us were going to get some sleep. I haven't done anything like that before. I had hoped it would have been under different circumstances. But I still had a great time. And u r pretty awesome :-)

    Me: You're probably right about the sleep! I'm not sure which circumstances you're referring to but life is funny like that. Haha. I did have fun, and think you're pretty awesome too, (her name).

    My concern is how to advance. I'd like to go out again but I don't want to push it since there is a bf in the picture. Any suggestions? This was Friday, and the texts yesterday.

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    Default Re: Help with girl that has a bf, after an f close

    She is obviously not planning to marry her boyfriend, rather break up quite soon. She just need a good reason to actually break up and forget about her bf. She is looking for someone (unlike her bf) who is more fun and who doesn't mind going to concerts and that guy is you! What are you waiting for? Ask her out next weekend and you´ll see that it´s just a matter of time before she leaves her boyfriend to your advantage!

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