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Thread: We make out and she said to be friends, but not letting me go?!

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    Default We make out and she said to be friends, but not letting me go?!


    I have been talking with this girl, she is Dutch, in the past 3 weeks on Facebook messenger, that is where I meet her.
    I was about to sign up for her Dutch course, but then I changed my mind, and while letting her know that I wont go there, I asked her to go out with me sometimes.
    On that she was neging but instantly started talking to me, and we talked about 3 hours that day..
    After that, she called me for a coffee at the university, it was short, since I had classes, but we mad, and everything was ok. No kiss no nothing since we weren't alone + at university.

    Yesterday night she messaged me again on FB while I was getting ready to go out with some friends..
    She asked me about where am I going out, I told her the place... and she responded "I like the place, you know?" (she self invited)

    On the end she asked me for my number, I gave it to her, but without the last digit, and said to her, if she want it she needs to find the last one herself.

    later on I was out with my friends, and there is her SMS, " I found your number"

    Then again she was being decision-less if she wants to go out or not, but finally she was with me after one hour..
    We got some drinks and started dancing ( this was my 3 time seeing her in life) and after a while I tried to kiss her. She didn't wanted with saying "you're my dutch student" ( I reapplied again last week) After 15 minutes we went to the bar and we started kissing..

    After some time she said we should be just friends, and you should find another girl.. then she was asking questions about me and my life.. and again kissed for a while.. and again " we should be friends"

    I said to her, OK if you want we will be friends.. I didn't texted her today or anything, but then there she is again , starting to chat with me again..same like previous.

    So my question to you gurus is what is the game with this girl? I really dont get it.
    Is it the Dutch culture or I am doing something wrong?

    p.s. I'm new in Netherlands and I haven't got much experience with Dutch girls, although I've heard they are really complicated and rude.

    Thank you!

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    Default Re: We make out and she said to be friends, but not letting me go?!

    She definitely doesn't feel comfortable with her attraction for you. However, that doesn't really matter if she is still willing to escalate with you. The only problem would be if you wanted a serious relationsip with her. If you just wanted a fling then keep doing what you're doing. Agree you should be friends and keep pushing until you close.
    "All things are subject to interpretation. Whichever interpretation prevails at a given time is a function of power and not truth."

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