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Thread: This girl in the party

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    Default This girl in the party

    Hi everbody, this friday I was in a party with my friend.
    We saw like 5-6 chicks who danced togather but we didn't approach them because a bunch of guys were trying to get their attention - dancing with them, talking and stuff..

    After like ten minutes I'v seen two chicks from the same group trying to get something to drink.
    It was crowded at the bar so I'v asked one of them to get me and my friend something to drink while she's getting for herself. so I gave her some money for our order and talked to her friend.

    We talked for several minutes (it was very crowded and hard to get an order) and she even asked for our names before I'v asked for their.

    I thought it was going well so when this girl and her friend went back to the group of girls, I'v waited like ten minutes and then approached telling her: "Do you want to dance?". After she saw it was me and not some other guy, she told me "not now". and it was like getting a nicer 'NO' because she knows me from the bar.

    Now can anybody help me by telling me what the hell did I do wrong?
    Or what would you do insted of me?


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    Default Re: This girl in the party

    as soon as your out of her sight she loses interest. the same thing happens when she gives you her number. thats why i dont wait three days. the second your not in front of her, she starts thinking less about how she felt when she was with you , and from that point everything is different. thats why you need to get at least a number close asap. if a girl tells you shes going to the restroom and she will be back, get her number first. you also probably didnt build enough attraction, and built too much rapport too early. in my opinion if you were at a coffee shop that would have been great, but day game is completely different from night game.
    If i get a guy some a$$, he gets it for a day; if i teach him how to get it for himself, he's tappin forever

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