Hello everyone! after doing some major research on most of the type of games there is out there i have been implementing mostly a kinda natural style, im trying to come off as funny cocky at first, if i see resistance i use a neg, and im trying to come up with openers on the go. I have also tried using kino club game, wich is talk less and dance more with kino escalation using push and pull. I have also tried direct game.

So after trying all of this things and trying to make them work together im still missing something. Let me give you a couple of examples.

There were 2 HB 8 yesterday at a club at the club's early stage you could say, some people were dancing but not all of them, i walked up alone (wingman had AA and didnt showed up at all in this interaction) , i exteneded my hand, she looked smiling and shook it, i tried to spin her but she resisted, i told her: "come on i know you dont dance that bad!" she laughed and pointed me to her friend but she wasnt enjoying this, i should have managed her by throwing a neg or something but i was hoping the wing to show and help so i didnt, the first girl had a sweater on one of his hands, i asked her if she wanted me to hold it, she said "no thanks", i asked her if she wasnt confident on doing a spin with only one hand, she said :"yes, yes i am", i told her: "well then prove it!" she accepted the spin this time while she laughed, i said "see that wasnt that bad! thanks!" she said smiling :" you are welcome!" then i turned my body to leave and asked her name before i left, she said "you are welcome!" i asked her, "your name is you are welcome?" i laughed and left.

From what i read from several club games is to open up sets at the begining and leave them to reopen them in the night, i been trying this but the problem is that i never find the sets i opened in the first place, i think i should have stayed with the 2 girls, talked abit more and get a n-close, but the re open sets strategy made me leave without going in with that objective.

On another example again 2 girls no wing, 2 HB7 they were near the bar, i saw one looking at me, i smiled and waved and turned back to my friend (we were all dancing had a good energy what not), after a couple seconds they came from the bar and danced near us, i use the hand thing again to spin one of them and start dancing (the HB7 that wasnt looking at ne), she refused, she even backed away a couple steps, and this in my book is a big no, so i just went back to my friends (always in a good mood and dont giving too much importance to the rejection), the girls were still close to us dancing even with slight bumping, but i just ignored them.

My conclusion is that if i open a set to stick with it till i at least get a n-close, in my country most of the people at clubs are all naturals, so opening a set and leave it to open it later, its a big risk when there are so many naturals wich open those sets and stick with them, making all my efforts to go down the drain.

From what i have observed from other naturals, club game with only dancing doesnt work quite well, they all talk to the girls alot more than they dance, since the music is loud they talk really close to the girl's ear, this i have seen quite often, they make them laugh talk abit more and then isolate them, i have never seen a natural at a club spending more than 20 mins to k-close and n-close, i have a bad idea one how to play club game, i know that trying to drag it and play it slow its a big risk but i dont think going in too agresive is good either.

Any tips or ideas on how to play the club game i will really appreciate it.