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    Default Where to go from here? HB8 in Uni Class.

    Okay so I started University recently, and there's this girl in my class.
    I've already established my position in class, everyone perceives me to be an out going person, a leader in a sense. I can happily say that I feel comfortable, I feel confident etc... Best thing is during a group project everyone looked to me to lead the group.

    But anyway I spoke to this girl, HB8, for the first time on Wednesday 26th within four hours I walked in to her home, although it was hard to get her alone as her housemates were there as well, plus she hasn't really settled in her room yet. Unfortunately I couldn't stay for long as the last train was about to get going and I needed to go as I hadn't secured my own place in the city yet.

    Then a week later, the 4th I finally have my own place, after class and staying behind. I said to her "Hey lets go do something crazy, lets go somewhere we haven't been before in this city". She was hesitant but I just dragged her along anyway. Then since we live in the same direction, she was about to go back to her home and I just grabbed her arm and just pulled her in my direction, so that she would come back to my room.

    Thing is she didn't mind, she came in to my room. Sat down on the chair (chair's not mine provided by a company), said "So what am I here for?"

    I ignored it. Made her a hot chocolate (I'm an ex-barista) and I just put a film on. She was so relaxed, and I mean she was comfortable - which in my opinion is quite an accomplishment considering that this is first time she's stepped in my room and I barely know her but I did take her around to a lot of different locations beforehand and we (well her) spoke about a lot of different things so it felt like we've known each other for years.

    But the thing is I failed to escalate, I believe there was nothing wrong with the mindset of HB8, I set her in the right mood. Plus in truth the hot chocolate I made almost immediately relaxes you. But I forgot to escalate, or more like I couldn't. The position of the chairs in my room, sort of made it hard to do, although after the movie when I was sitting on a different chair I just told her to sit on the same seat as me and she did. Then when I dropped her off home I didn't even initiate a kiss and in truth I should have.

    Also due to the field I'm in, I believed in establishing links as quick as possible, plus it's great talking to random people. So I made friends with her housemates, and when I first visited their home, I suggested to them that I'm going to need their advice my project. Thus on Monday the 8th I went to the HB8's home, but I went with the intention of seeing her housemates since I was concentrating on them plus I gave them some curry I made ( DHV in a sense). I probably should have just left after my business was over, but I sort of hung around and she sat in the same room I did (Let me explain this there are four girls living in this home, two of them was helping me with my project, one of them is the HB8 and the other one left the room (this one is in the same class as me and the HB8) thus the HB8 could have done that as well but she didn't). Plus she walked me to the door gave me a hug but this time her face was closer (another sign, although she was falling ill so I really didn't want to be close , hey if I fall ill it'll be a struggle to game other girls)

    Finally today on the 10th I told her to meet me up, but I knew it wouldn't happen due to her being ill, genuinely. So I just let it slide, sent a text saying

    "How are you feeling"

    Within 10 minutes
    she gave a reply "I'm feeling okay but not that well",

    I sent another text around 6 hours later because I forgot to reply:
    " Well chin up, rest and recover and I'll treat you to something tomorrow" (In text, this context sounds wrong now, I would never splurge money on a girl this early. What I really meant was that we would resume our previous plans where we were supposed to cook together, or I would make her favorite dish). And then she sent the text (within 5 minutes)

    "Lol i am ok. I treated myself, I'll be at uni tomorrow"

    I haven't really responded to this, in truth I don't really care. I was going to go see her, but I stopped mysef doing so even though our date was cancelled I still have other things to do.

    Anyway I have been trying to do things on my own, since I don't want to rely on this forum entirely because as a newbie if I get stuck and come here for advice for every girl I game on. I won't really grow. But this time I am genuinely stuck. I'm not quite sure how to advance this relationship with this HB8.

    Things seem to go smoothly with her, and her body language is surprisingly relaxed around me. I am thinking tomorrow that I should just bring her back to my room tomorrow, and I mean that I won't ask her I would just tell her to come.

    What do you guys think so far? I have once again provided as much information as possible but also try to take out the irrelevant bits. Do you guys have any advice of how I should proceed? I know if I don't escalate this properly and quickly my chances with her will be closed.

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    Default Re: Where to go from here? HB8 in Uni Class.

    Your goal is to get her on a normal date then escalate.

    Seriously she's already been to your place, get her back, dinner and a movie or something, and man up and kiss her

    Youve recognized the signals, so pursue! I really don't know what you're asking because it seems you already know the answer

    You cannot be afraid to touch a girl, Next time you see her start touching, teasing, arm jab, if you walk put her arm on your arm, etc

    From there escalation is easy, just don't doubt yourself
    Never need praise, sympathy, or approval

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