Okay, i like this girl and we've been just talking as just friends then i txt her and she tells me she wants space so i havent talked to her in about a week ever since she's txted me that. So i just act as if dont see her at school. then friday, at the pep rally she's getting ready to cheer and i walk in the class room and she speaks to me i keep it short and simple by just asking her how was she doing. then when the pep rally starts im sitting in the bleachers and this girl next to me was basically flirting with me and since the girl i like is a cheerleader shes on the court doing the cheerleading dances right in front of me. i was trying to get the other girl to stop flirting me but she just wouldnt stop. so then i look up at the cheerleader im trying to get with and she just folds her ams and start shaking her head. then all her cheerleading friends start pointing at me and get back to doing there cheers. what do i do now ???? i txtd her this morning "goodmorning" but i never got an response : (