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Thread: Full Proof Methods for Taken Girls?

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    Default Full Proof Methods for Taken Girls?

    Hi. So there is this HB9 I put myself in the friend zone and she has a boyfriend. However, her boyfriend is extremely long distance. Is there any good ways to get out of the friend zone and for her to realize that long distance isn't going to work? She doesn't seem happy with the distance.

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    Default Re: Full Proof Methods for Taken Girls?

    Use the boyfriend buster techniques (search this site) and if she is responsive to them start kino escalating. Ignore what she says and if you really have to respond to something say 'Where is he? Somewhere else...probably running his hands through another girls hair - that is nature - you honestly think your BF will be faithful? Haha it is virtually impossible given the distance. He is a male and I am telling you he will crumble and so will where were we...' or 'put him on ice...he is your past...if he really cared about you he would be right here now (but instead I AM) or if you really cared you would be with him...oh he's studying somewhere else? Then we are all young and should not be tied down by such commitment nonsense - life is too short and special thing's dont come around often, like what we have going already.... Long distance relationships don't work very often...and anyway Im not asking you to marry me...Kiss me...'

    Try angle it so she is not leaving her boyfriend and all that is established for you as another serious boyfriend just yet...just make sure she has fun with you and slowly eat away at her like termites until her past foundation is gone. If you come at her with the projection she has to demolish everything and start again its way too much emotional effort and guilt for her, but if you just start slowly kinoing and building that physical side up she should naturally start pulling closer towards you. She can talk to her BF but she has no-one to hold one to be there for her right here right now. She has no-one to screw her senseless. Also many girls by nature will seek out a plan B when there main man is not around. Its evolution. Use that to your advantage.

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