OK, Here goes:T here were these twins. Red-heads and beautiful, yeah, HB8 and HB9. Anyway, I happened to be friends oen FB. Awhile back (see http://www.puaforums.com/ask-expert/...-me-up-fb.html) I was hit up by a married chick and I began talking to her because her first name was the same as the HB9 from the twins, so I thought she might be her. Turned out that it was a completely different married chick. However, I've seen the HB8 post things here and there. Recently, I sent her a message asking if she was a twin and if so, who was the twin and how's she doing, and blah blah. At this point, I was actually thinking about the other one and purposely and specifically guessed at her twin's name with 3 names, none of which were correct. She responded, I looked the old HB9 up and she's HB3(at best) and married. By the way, the one that I hit up is still HB8 maybe HB9 now.

So, I replied back to the first twin's response. We got to talking and I number closed:

Me: "Not a peep, hell, I'm trusting you ain't jealous and all that!"

Her: "Lmao!!!! Hey im not on fb much to chat but my number is xxxxxxxxx if u want to text sometime. I text alot"

I finally text her with who it was and how I almost forgot to get her number down. She was like that'd be your loss. I say why and we've been talking here and there. Our convo was going good, then she busted out, like rapid-fire paragraphs about how she had just gotten over her divorce and got with some douche, moved in paid his bills to catch him up(we both have good jobs). Then, he immediately dumped her and she had to move back to her mom's. Then it got weirder:

Her: I tried pot once and didn't like it.

Me: I used to, but I quit a long time ago. I did try it again a couple of years back and didn't like it anymore.


Me: Oh, um, I guess we both have our stories, huh? :-)

Her: Yep

Me: Kind of made me jump to Defcon 4 there for a second there, Female! :-/

Her: My bad. Going to bed now. Ttyl

Me: Ok, I'm not trying to get into a relationship, just saying. Just talking, okay? BTW, Defcon 1 is the highest level. Night.

Me: We are at Defcon 5.

Here you are. That was just a few hours ago. So, I'm wondering if saying the Defcon thing may have killed it. I need some advice here! It's a beautiful twin, only the one, but I WANT THIS ONE, just once, maybe more. I've actually gotten who knows how much play from FB. Either way, I need analysis.

How do you guys think I've done so far?
How best to proceed and how long(I'm thinking I'll just send something funny tomorrow)?
How is the best way to escalate?
How to I get the meet?

Bros, help me out, analyze.