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Thread: how do i get her to meet up?

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    Default how do i get her to meet up?

    so this girl i work with tells me she is broken up with her BF and ive had a thing for i invite her out for a drink a few days later after flirting and getting good feedback.

    "sorry i didnt text back sooner blah blah i dont know if its a good idea we hang outside of work i have a bf and wouldnt wanna disrespect him."

    me- "thats too bad i thought we could have some fun together. you already have a new bf since the last one, moving quick eh? and who said im going to rip off all your clothes once we are alone i can play nice."

    her- i dont think that blah blah i just dont make good decisions sometimes when i drink and ive been with this guy for 3 years and im over it. its just he's out of town untill xmas and i dont want to break up via text. Im sure you can play nice!"

    she says sorry for giving me the wrong idea but we can go to the xmas party together. i told her its ok, i just she was single and i thought she was kinda sexy.
    her-you think im sexy?
    me- would you hold it against me if i said yes?
    her- Nah i think your quite sexy yourself!
    i didnt respond after that.

    im lost, she wants it i can tell, but shes not going to cheat easily or break up by phone.

    i feel like i can prompt this along faster then waiting for xmas but how? now if i ask her out again she is going to think sexually and have defense up. is my only option to keep gaming other girls and leave this one for later? i really think thats a bad idea and a true master would sweep her up somehow... which i could if i could get around the defense and get her out of workplace setting..please help!

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    Default Re: how do i get her to meet up?

    She's thinking way too far down the barrel. 1) she just gave you a gold mine of intel about what she's like when she drinks - in other words she might not be able to control herself when she drinks and may possibly be more 'open'. 2) work collegues go out for drinks - you dont have to bypass the work scenario, you can use it utterly to your advantage. 3) you are not her past.

    Ask her out for drinks asap. Don't worry about the xmas party - that is light years away and as an alpha male you dont want to attend it with her as some concellation prize do you??? Shut that scenario down. Who cares about her ex...he is an ex...and he is away. What is she breaking up from and where is she going? Who is this new guy? And you are not going to play nice - you are going to be the bad boy she will take a risk with. Be confident and persistent. She admitted she finds you sexy - turn that reaction into an atomic bomb. You are not nice, you are sexy. So prove it. Your lost because your verbose is not can't say 'Im not going to rip your clothes off once we're alone' follwed by 'I thought you were kinda sexy'. Thinking someone is sexy means you DO want to rip all there clothes off. So a better way would be to say upfront 'thats a shame...I think you're sexy... you could experience me ripping all your clothes off and tracing over your whole body with rose petal kisses...we could have some fun together'. Tap into her deeper primal emotions rather than her surface relationship issues.

    Get her out for some casual drinks and start sexually escalating again. If she builds high barriers, dig beneath them. 'Dont want to give you the wrong impression'...Ive heard that stupid line so many lines. It is also translated as 'lets just be friends' 'I need some time' 'Im not that type of girl' 'Im not looking for a relationship right now'. Ignore all that rubbish and take her out for a drink as a 'colleague'...friend zone HER...'Im asking you to come out for a drink to celebrate my project win buddy, Im not asking you for your hand in marriage ok!!' ...get a few drinks into her (Don't be manipulative though...make sure she wants to drink) and then escalate sexually and kino. You have to divert the projection of you from being a future BF full of complexity to a fun guy right here right now with no pressure for her. She is 'over' her relationship and admitted so. She 'doesn't want to break up via text' surely means she is already considering you but feels trapped? So don't feel lost. She may even secretly be in need of a good shagging especially if she is open enough to admit she finds you sexy. Her man is out of town until xmas. It's you or a dildo yeah? She is the one who is lost. Observe her body language and not her words or her break off schedule and ethics. Wait until xmas to break up with someone? What a garbage xmas present that would be - Id much prefer an immediate long distance phone call (she doesnt have to text!!!).

    The other option is to completely 360 degree ignore her. Her issues do not meet your high standards so you will waste no more time (unless she chases). All or nothing.

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