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    Default dont know what to say while dancing

    I'm in a ballroom dancing class, which covers mainly salsa, bachata,tango and the waltz, when its time to partner up all the guys kind of lean back and let the lady ask for there hand to shouldnt be that way and Im guilty of this also but the male to female ratio is 1 to 3 I guess thats my reason for playing it cool and let the girl come to me, should I approach that another way? and while dancing I have no clue what to say to them theres music playing in the back but its not too loud to drown out my voice , Ive dance with these girls a couple of times already and I feel like taking this long to talk to them and asking for their name would be awkward and how can I bounce them from the salsa class into pretty much anywhere else to go on an instant date?
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    Default Re: dont know what to say while dancing

    Well first off you don't have to say anything. You have all these other senses to work with: touch, smell, sight. Make your body language confident, use dancing to subtly escalate kino and wear some nice aftershave and clothes. You dont have to say a lot to get a girl interested in you in such a situation - especially sexually inclined dances like salsa. You can dance closer and raise the heat, you can whisper in her ear 'you have great moves' as you dance, you can neg her 'c'mon clumsy, left foot right foot, this is not scottish country dancing!' in a playful way. You can stare into her eyes with a 'Im going to fark you senseless' look. You can talk to girls after the class. 'Hey I really enjoyed our dancing today, why dont we grab a coffee sometime'. With kino you already have an excuse to get close to a girl. Subtly caress a bit further than the dance moves require (give her a hint of what your loving caresses might be like without being sleazy)...make the dance dramatic, creative and express who you are as an interesting person...hold her hand or waist in between songs. You can use push pull...come in really close and dance with her then pull right back encouraging her to move forward to you. Or just simply pull her close to you during a song so your faces are almost kissing. But the main thing is to take advantage of your other senses. If you are a good dancer they won't care what you say anyway - that will be enough to build attraction with a lot of women. I wouldnt worry either about taking a while to talk to them. Think of it in reverse - you came there to dance and thats all thats on your mind...but slowly a few girls have impressed you enough to talk. Be confident in yourself - a girl is not going to flip out and criticise you for not talking earlier in a dance class (unless you have been going for years with them haha). Ask their name when you dance with them. Who cares about their name! Ask them out. Good luck

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