Sup dudes I'm 21, got pretty drunk, did some Molly, ended up getting my first real kiss a couple nights ago. Bad part I was blackout drunk so idk exactly the deats but pretty sure we just made out. Kinda ironic though waited this long for it only to forget it. But anyway I texted her today said "hang out with me when we're not sloshed. Like tonight" and no reply yet. I have talked to her since the hookup, texted her yesterday cus my keys were missing. I'm thinking she won't reply to my latest text for whatever reason, I think having no definite place/time hurt me.

Question - call her tonight or just forget it and try again next week? Further deats it's not some bar slut I've been friends with this girl for like 4 years now, had a crush on her and she ljbf'd me outright. Any further advice on how to play this is appreciated too. I like her but I don't wanna date her, just wanna keep hanging out hook up see what happens. My experience here is literally nil.

Thanks dudes!