Hey guys, I'm going to go straight to the point here. On Thursday it was one of my friends 20th birthday, it was a University friends party, we had predrinks and went out to a club I go to often (most thursdays). One of the girls with us was a friend who I was attracted to a year ago, we flirted but being the AFC I was then I managed to fuck it up but we still get along now with my new persona.

As we where out the group managed to cluster largely outside in the smoking section where I usually run my game, we where having fun and I had already made a couple of warm up approaches. I then saw a neighbour of mine who I have talked to once mainly because I rarely see her. I had planned to game her ages ago (HB8) so I made my approach.

She was with one of her friends that I do certain bad deed to (I make money off this and most people should have the common sense to work this one out), so I jump in talk to him and then acknowledge her. I start talking to her and she mentions the certain bad deed I do, I disarm this by being cocky-funny about but one of My friends (A UG3) had to say an emphatic yes when I asked her if I do this certain bad deed. That was strike one.

While I was DHVing after this whole thing another friend (a guy) gave me a completely random high 5 but once again I just act non-chalent and still go about this. She found out that I cook (through DHVing) and she asked herself around so I can cook for her, if my knowledge serves correct this is an IOI for sure. I take her number down promising I'd make her a nice dinner and continue to talk. At this point another friend comes in, he is on the same course as her and starts talking. I greet him warmly like he's my wing and say "Haha, you must know each other from the course". He leaves after I say this and I continue talking.

I make a FTC and say "My friends look like they want me back now so I'll speak to you later". Before I go, I ask her if she's knows about the french goodbye. She didn't know so I did it to her (a gambit I stole from Cajun). As I do this, the girl I mention from before screams "OMG, why did you let him kiss you?". I turn back and guess she didn't hear and just walk away with a cocky smirk.

The next day I was pretty pissed about that last remark and asked my best friends girlfriend who is also a good friend to me about it. She then had told me that the same girl who made that last remark about the "kiss" had created a game called "Cockblock Sohan". Later on during the night they had also laughed very hard (attempting to damage my ego) when a french girl who I was having a problem communicating with slightly pushed me away when I went for another french goodbye on a loud dance floor.

So I'm stuck her wondering if I did build anything good with the HB8 or if this little game my friends played had completely messed me up. Also this was not the only number close I had made. I made 2 more when I peeled off them for a while and hung out with my spanish friends who have a huge deal of respect for me (they call me a master of psychology).