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    Default how to get a girl to hangout right after 1st meet

    Hi guys,

    Just looking for some pointers on how to get a girl to hangout after you first meet her. I have been going out to the mall lately to just walk around and talk to some of the cute girls that work some of the stores or i see sitting down. i can approach perfectly fine most times and hold a decent conversation, but it never seems to get further than that. what i really want to do is go out meet a nice girl and then go go back to my place or go get a drink or something, just not sure how to escalate it that far. Any tips?

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    Default Re: how to get a girl to hangout right after 1st meet

    Yeah sure dude, common sticking point, first thing, I would recommend not trying this with a hired gun considering she's working and wont be able to unless she tells you when she's done or has a decent sized break, but if you are trying with a hired gun, you can just start by asking if she works there a lot and how long her shifts are and sheen she's done today and if she's got any fun plans after work, but make sure you have built enough attraction before asking that last one. With girls walking around the mall, do what you do already, but instead of just leaving when your done, ask them if they know where ( wherever you want to take them) is, amd of they say yes, ask of they will accompany you there, get a good conversation going on the way, and when you get there say something like "I'm really enjoying our conversation, you should come in with me so we can continue it" or something like that. If she doesn't want to accompany you, say that your scared you might get lost Haha whatever you want dude, those are just the easiest ways to do it. Not the best way, cuz they can usually tell what your doing LOL but if they call you out on it just have a goood time with your reply, nback when I was learning and did this I would say" oh you've got me all figured out don't you? What color underwear am I wearing" LOL the two times I got called out that was my reply and it worked in both cases. Again those are just the easiest ways to do it for each scenario
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