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Thread: i have chronic fatigue- how do i get a pity date?

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    Default i have chronic fatigue- how do i get a pity date?

    My title says it all: I have chronic fatigue- how do i get a pity date? Yes I have 2 women that I will see, but really need to have a few more to relieve pressure.
    One more question, Is there a way to set up a pity personal add?
    Any positive comments and successful experience is welcome.
    (I understand the philosophy that this will not work for a permanent date, and women are turned off by this etc, etc.)
    If you don't know what chronic fatigue or chronic unsolvable health problems are, you can look a letter to normals)

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    Default Re: i have chronic fatigue- how do i get a pity date?

    Guys I got this one

    Quote Originally Posted by uniquewomanlover View Post
    how do i get a pity date?

    You don't. Get a real (non-pity) date

    Yes I have 2 women that I will see
    Two women that you'll "see" like your "seeing" them like going out with them on a regular basis?

    Pity dates / pity farks don't work as reliably as just having a mild amount of game. Pity depends on her seeing you as low-value while simultaneously being very comfortable with you (friendzone) so the specific type of girl you'd be looking for for a pity date/fark would be one who is DTF for fun with friends regardless of attraction as if it was just assisted masturbation (rare) and even then you still need to actually seduce her (S1, S2, S3). Just asking outright for a pity date will probably grt it half the time (don't pay for her dinner) while asking outright for a pity-fark will end in some manner of badly about 999 times out of 1000 - which is a whole lot of rejection that you don't need to sit through.

    The way it usually goes when a man approaches a woman and makes clear to her that he is anything but "a normal" she will be friendly, she will be courteous, she may even be intrigued; but she will not be thinking of him in any sexual way. Through some combination of non-normalcy being a DLV and her not wanting to "take advantage" of someone in a different situation/condition - it's a thought which her brain will just not let her have.

    Approach her and game her as if you were "a normal" as if chronic fatigue is part of your normal life just like her lazy eye or 3-year-old kid or night terrors are all part of her "normal" life. Pursue your hobbies (whatever they are) and draw the focus to the thing about your life that you choose rather than the things you do not choose.
    DTF HB's omw 2 LTR

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