So, I'm a fresher at uni and we had a party in one of the halls' kitchens on a Friday night. Pretty simple stuff, we had a French DJ, drinks, a crazy Lithuanian dude dishing out vodka shots with some sort of cooking sauce mixed in with them (I totally didn't persuade him to do that )...

I'm just chilling and talking to people, building my social network and I see this attractive girl (well, there were quite a few attractive women there but she intrigued me more... maybe cause she's oriental and i'm taking optional modules in Chinese alongside my course - for practical reasons though), if I had to rate her i'd say 7.5/10. I think to myself "I am gonna find out who she is and get her number by the end of this night".

Somehow I did - somehow because I can't really remember how I initiated it, lol, I was only slightly drunk though. I talked to her friend and found out she was also on my Chinese course... but in a different group, cool I guess, but I wasn't really interested in her, maybe she could be a friend. SO at some point I get chatting to the Chinese girl(JUST REMEMBERED - earlier she was putting info into her phone about where she was, and one of my friends was telling her, but then I said to her i'll do it, she gave me her phone and then I was trying to figure out how to write stupid stuff on her facebook... being playful y'know, i'm so immature some times . She was trying to get it off me n stuff in a playful manner too, so that was good, eventually after I figured it out I decided I should probably hand it back to her haha before it just gets stupid and out of hand) and I'm teasing her etc, especially about her accent, it's SO FUNNY, so she punches me lightly on the shoulder like every few times I tease her and laughs and smiles - she's clearly enjoying it.

Then we're sitting on the kitchen counters and I'm talking to her friends in between sometimes talking to her - 3 guys, 1 girl. Got to know them all and they all seem alright, no issues here, I get along with them. Casually teasing and sometimes negging her aswell, just enjoying the interaction really, and at some point she decides she's gonna rest her arm/hand (rly can't remember lol) on my shoulder and I was like "you can't do that! it's MY shoulder!" but she still keeps it there haha. I'd got one of her guy friends numbers early for networking purposes (studies half of my subject), but I shortly said to her "What's your number?" (almost forgot to find out) and man, she handed me her phone in a split second... from her manner it felt as if she'd been waiting for it. I entered her number into my phone, she took it to enter her name in then I texted her "gay" and she replies "u are"... so immature... so I enter my name into her phone but I don't give my surname, only its initial. Overall, this was unusual, especially in a party, because she was "supersober" (her words... and she was actually sober), so alcohol did not play into this as a factor.

Got her other friends numbers too, left the party about 30 mins later as it really started to die down and I felt like I was getting Chinese flu or something and I needed to sleep.

Next day she actually texts me, yet I was thinking I should probably text her in a day or two myself. The text was simply "this is (name) any party tonite?" Nothing amazing about that, but I guess she's assuming I wouldn't remember her. I reply using a nickname she earned (supersober haha)and said (paraphrasing) that there's nothing planned tonight and that it's my rest day anyway... but I do need to try your Chinese food! (she talked about it at the party, how she feels like a housewife lol). Well, anyway, its just a text convo that day, with some rapport building etc. Wasn't expecting to text her that day though. Not much throughout the week tbh, kinda busy anyway, just a few rapport building and flirty text, and since she did technically text me first (I was gonna do that! grr), I did feel the need to reciprocate somewhat.

Anyway on a Thursday at like 11:30 PM she calls me out of the blue and says there's a party in my building and asks me what I'm doing, I tell her that I'm busy atm skyping and had no idea whose party it was or that it existed (hosted by another group in our building that my group doesn't really know). I say I'd probably join her but am busy and I need to get up really early in the morning anyway (true). Call lasts like 3 mins or so and I say she should call me another time.

I call her the next evening while I'm bored waiting for the campus-to-campus bus, but her friend picks up and it results in some funny convo... lol. I say I'll call another time. She rings me the next day, ACTUALLY waking me up (1:30pm, student life) and I don't answer the phone in time. Well, I take advantage of the wake up call and get ready, eat breakfast etc and an hour later I call back asking why she call me and why she wake me up! (also said she needs to call me back cause I'm low on credit and she's on contract) It's just because I called the day before, but the convo turns into something else and lasts like 17 mins (dafuq) until I say I need to go do stuff, I'll text you to call me back if anythings going on later, or if it's not.

Nothing was planned that night, so a call and a few texts later I say I want to practise my Chinese (Unless she's really naive, she and every other girl must realise guys don't invite you over for just that one thing) and this other thing (at her place) but she says her place is a bit of a mess and implies she would rather come to mine. So, she does shortly and she also tells me about these 2 other guys, one of which invited her to his place (didn't I, kind of? hehe) for some reason, and to her they are both creeps, pretty lol tbh. So, I do practise a bit of Chinese but it goes wildly off-topic for a couple hours, being playful, teasing, having fun - getting to know her, because I didn't get that chance before, I'm finding reasons other than her looks as to why I should like her, and I do find those reasons, I barely knew her before then - anyway she's always smiling and laughing etc and talking about some intimate topics (she brought em up, not me haha), personally I don't feel the need nor want to escalate sexually during this time. Shows me some of her artwork (actually really good) and I actually convince her to sing! at about 1AM she had to go with some Chinese friends to something, she implies there's nothing stopping me from coming but they are all gonna be speaking Chinese and I won't understand it, I said nah, I need to get some sleep anyway... but before she leaves we knock on all my flatmates doors... well I dare her to lol.

I plan to continue this thing with her and I have my own ideas, but it's good to hear what others think, like - where to go from here, if anywhere? And wow, it's like an essay or story, but I do enjoy writing... I also probably wrote so much because I'm new to this and need to provide as much info as possible
ALSO new to this PUA stuff so I might be putting too much meaning on some of this stuff, or even too little.